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UHin4: Your questions, answered. January 19, 2016

We've got 4 answers to your 4 most common questions this month. Have a question about UH in 4? Email

1.  Am I required to meet an academic advisor each semester?

The UH in 4 program forms a collaborative effort between the University and students to graduate within 4 years. By taking part in UH in 4, students and the University partake in an agreement that outlines the necessary courses and required responsibilities. UH in 4 students have continuing eligibility responsibilities which requires that students meet with an academic advisor prior to their designated enrollment appointment each semester to discuss course selection and progress toward graduation. 

2.  How much are summer courses for UH in 4 students?

UH in 4 students who have not opted into the Fixed Rate Tuition Plan will pay the variable rate for fall/spring and summer courses. UH in 4 students who have opted into the Fixed Rate Tuition Plan have a fixed rate for each fall and spring semester and may enroll in summer courses at the state statutory rate. For Summer 2016, Texas residents will pay $50 per credit hour and non-residents will pay $440 per credit hour. This rate changes each year.

3. Does transfer credit, Advanced Placement (AP), or Dual credits meet the UH in 4 hour completion requirement?

To meet initial eligibility requirements, students must enroll in 15 hours in their first fall semester. AP/Dual/Transfer credit cannot be used to meet initial eligibility requirements. However, AP/Dual/Transfer credit may be used to meet continued eligibility requirements. Continued eligibility requirements state that UH in 4 students are required to complete one-quarter of their degree plan each academic year. Credits may be earned during full semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer), spring/winter mini terms, or AP/Dual/Transfer credit may be considered to meet total hour requirements for each year.

4. What happens if I am placed on academic warning?

Any student placed on Academic Warning must schedule a meeting with the UH in 4 staff. Students will also be required to craft and submit a plan for their academic success.

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Program Coordinator
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