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UHin4 – Student Newsletter September 21, 2015

UH in 4 Celebration 4 Success

Congratulations Class of 2018! It's been over a year since you joined the UH in 4 family and you've already completed at least 25% of your degree. Way to go! You should know that your peers, faculty and staff supporters, and the UH in 4 staff all celebrate you.

In honor of your achievements, we've invited scholars from around campus to celebrate and congratulate you as well. Join your peers and the UH in 4 staff from 11am - 1pm on October 21st for an afternoon of food, fun, and FREE T-SHIRTS as we celebrate the achievements of the UH Class of 2018! RSVP here. Don't miss it! See you there.

Exploring Mini Sessions

As part of the UH in 4 program, we want you to get ahead and stay ahead. One way of doing that is by enrolling in 'mini session' courses. Mini sessions are short academic terms at the end of both the fall and spring semesters. During these sessions, courses are offered for an abbreviated length of time and credits earned count towards your degree the same as those earned during full semesters.

For UH in 4 students who are part of the Fixed Rate Tuition Plan, enrollment in fall mini session courses requires no additional payment. Essentially, FREE Tuition. Use these sessions to get ahead or to stay ahead in your studies.

Major and Career Questions

We know that by now some of you are wondering what career options exist for your major and some of you are wondering if you are even in the right major. Post-undergraduate career options can range from graduate or professional school to corporate or not-for-profit work. If you have identified a potential career path and think that you want to change majors to fit that path, you should know that sometimes changing your major is the right choice and sometimes it is not. Whether you are deciding on a career path Or a new major there are programs, resources and services at UH to help you along the way. You will want guidance from experts before you make major life and academic changes.

The good news is that you are not alone and these are the same questions students across campus are exploring. On October 23rd at 3pm, the UH in 4 staff, in collaboration with University Career Services (UCS), will host a workshop aimed specifically at helping to answer those questions. Come explore your options before making a decision to change. For more information, or to make an appointment, visit the UCS website. To RSVP for the workshop, click here.

Four Things You Should Do This Semester

  1. Meet with an academic advisor. Your advisor is a great resource for you, meet with an advisor at least once a semester. You can use this time to ensure that you are on-track for timely graduation, ask questions about your degree plan, and plan ahead for upcoming semesters.
  2. Create a plan to be successful. Success comes through planning. Haven't earned the grades you'd like? Create a written plan of how you will be successful. Need help? No problem! We'd love to help. You may contact the UH in 4 office at to schedule an appointment.
  3. Attend UH in 4 workshops. Throughout the year you will receive invitations to events geared specifically towards helping you. Take advantage. Show up. This is also a good time to ask questions to the UH in 4 staff.
  4. Visit University Career Services. Are you interested in a summer internship? Have you begun preparing? Start with University Career Services (UCS). UCS can help you create and/or edit your resume, help find relevant experiences, and ultimately, help find the job or internship you want.

Priority Registration

Ready…Set…Go! Here's your head start on enrollment. Priority registration begins November 11. UH in 4 students may enroll in courses before registration opens for the campus community. Plan early!! Don't forget, UH in 4 students must be advised. Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor prior to your enrollment date on November 11. Your advisor is an expert on your degree plan and will provide important information to you during your advising session. If during registration you experience problems enrolling in a course essential to your timely graduation, don't forget to let us know by emailing for assistance.  

Campus Resources

We all need help at times. We want to ensure you know about the various on-campus resources available to provide assistance to you when you need it. We're committed to your success. Resources range from getting help preparing for a difficult exam, to learning ways of coping with test stress. Whatever you need, there's someone waiting to help you. Click here for a list of student success resources available to UH in 4 students. Can't find what you need? Email us at and we'll help you find it.  

Stay On Track and On Time

Staying on track may seem difficult, but with your faculty and staff team of supporters, UH in 4 peers, and your UH in 4 Academic Map, staying on track has never been easier. Download and print your map today. This map is your customized guide for 4 year graduation. Follow it closely and meet with your academic advisor before deviating from the path. Following the academic map will ensure that you meet the requirements for UH in 4 as well as stay on track for timely graduation. For help locating your academic map or academic advisor please visit the UH in 4 website, or email