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UHin4 – Faculty and Advisor Newsletter September 21, 2015

Dates to Remember:

  • 10.07: UH in 4 Celebration 4 Success
  • 10.22: Workshop - Major and Career Questions
  • 10.30: Last Day to Drop with a "W"
  • 11.06: Priority Registration Date
  • 11.2 - 11.7: UH Homecoming
  • 11.25 - 11.28: Thanksgiving Holiday

Introduction to Newsletter

As the UH in 4 program welcomes the UH Class of 2019, we simultaneously welcome the returning Class of 2018. In an attempt at improving retention and graduation rates, universities across the nation have dedicated countless hours and resources to first-year student experience programs. However, far fewer institutions have shown that same commitment to supporting second year students.

Over the last year, your support has had a significant impact on our first year students' success. Now, as those same students begin their second year of study, your support and involvement is just as essential.

How Can You Help With the Sophomore Transition

Since there is no point of immunity, for student dropout, faculty and staff at higher education institutions must remain vigilant in their support of students, even after the first year. We must also find ways of engaging students at each level of academic study. Indeed, the close of the freshman year has proved to be a pivotal point for students; however, it is critical that we remain aggressive in our support through the second and subsequent years of study.

Research indicates that between 16-19 percent of college students leave their first institution at the end of the second year. Considering retention and graduation initiatives around the country, these numbers should be alarming to any institution serious about retention. This is especially true as higher education funding moves closer to a system of performance-based funding.

Higher education institutions cannot ignore students' pleas for assistance. Below are results of a Noel-Levitz study of 3,870 second year students who were asked to identify areas they need assistance:

  • Identifying work experiences or internships related to my major: 77.8%
  • Defining goals suited to my major or career interests: 65.8%
  • Exploring advantages or disadvantages of my career choice: 65.3%
  • Figuring out the impact of grades on my desired major: 60.8%
  • Preparing a written academic plan for graduation: 57.3%

Throughout the year, we will be supporting students through academic programming, advising, and collaborations with academic colleges. Please encourage students to attend events that you feel would benefit them.


Please use these frequently asked questions as a guide while meeting with students and contact us with any additional questions.

What if a student does not complete 15 hours in the fall? Students who withdraw or do not successfully complete coursework will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A determination will be made after reviewing student records and speaking with the advisor.

Do Summer and Mini-Mesters Count towards the 30/60/90/120? During the first year, students must complete at least 30 semester credit hours toward their degree. Summer and mini-mester enrollment is not required, but credits completed during these terms can be used toward the minimum credits required for the selected eligible major.

Can students change their major? Students are able to change their major if they can complete their degree within 4 years from the time of their initial fall enrollment

Where can I find a complete list of campus resources? Students may access a list of student success resources by visiting our website. *If you have campus resources you would like added to this list, please send a brief description of the resources to Dewayne Stafford at

Is there a credit hour requirement for each year for UHin4 students? UHin4 students must complete 30 hours each academic year. This requirement may be met by taking courses during any semester of the academic year, including mini sessions.

Do I have to pay additional tuition for winter session courses if I am in the fixed rate and in UHin4? For UHin4 students, enrolling in a mini session course may be a great idea. For those students who are behind or hoping to get ahead, this is a cost efficient means of earning credits. UHin4 students opted into the Fixed Rate Tuition plan attend winter session courses at no additional tuition cost.

Dewayne Stafford
Program Coordinator, UH in 4
T: 713-743-7543