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UHin4: You’re Going Places! May 4, 2015

You’re going places — let us help you get there on time through UH in 4, our comprehensive plan to help support and guide students on their journey to four-year graduation. As an incoming freshman transfer/ student, you are in a great position to complete your undergraduate degree within four years. We encourage you to participate in the UH in 4 Freshman Four-Year Graduation Plan, which also provides you with access to a fixed four-year tuition plan and many other tools to facilitate timely college completion. Joining UH in 4 is easy, and there is still time to sign up prior to the start of Fall 2015 classes.

Why participate UH in 4?

Graduating on time in four years saves time, saves money and allows students to start their career faster. Students who join UH in 4 are provided with an option to select fixed four-year tuition; access to early enrollment dates through priority registration; course availability assurance; four-year academic maps; and online academic planning and monitoring tools as well as annual degree progress evaluations. In addition, UH in 4 students who meet their responsibilities under the graduation plan will pay no tuition beyond four years if the University is responsible for delayed graduation.

How do you join UH in 4?

To sign up for UH in 4, simply log into your muUH account and double click on the icon next to UH in 4 on the main menu of your Student Center. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process, which includes the ability to sign up for the fixed rate plan. If you have any questions please email indicating your request for information.

Please also include the following information:

  • Name (first and last)
  • myUH ID number
  • Fixed Four-Year Tuition Plan participation decision

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the very best as you pursue your undergraduate studies at the University of Houston.


Teri E. Longacre, J.D., Ph.D.
Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Student Success | 713-743-4669