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Compensation Committee Update November 10, 2014

Dear UH Faculty and Staff:

This fall, I created a Compensation Committee to review current policies and recommend revisions, as well as new policies, to inform compensation decisions. The goal is transparency and consistency. To assist the work of the committee, I established a subcommittee focused on data to help us better understand salary issues at UH. The initial focus has been on faculty salaries.

I asked Interim Associate Provost Maureen Croft to assist in gathering and analyzing data on faculty salaries for the data-focused subcommittee and to provide me with comparable, statistically-valid information about our University’s relative performance to other Carnegie RU/VH (very high research) universities.

The sub-committee’s report details good news for UH faculty regarding salary equity, regional price parities, and market competiveness compared to our Carnegie Tier One peers. I invite you to review the report and committee minutes at There, you will also find a set of questions about faculty compensation, including issues regarding merit raises for fall 2015.  Your responses to those questions would be most helpful. Staff salary data will be available soon on the same website.

With much appreciation,

Paula Myrick Short