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Fall 2014 Textbook Adoptions June 18, 2014

Dear UH Faculty:

The University of Houston is committed to assisting students in making informed course registration decisions by sharing the required and recommended course materials for all courses in advance of each semester. This enables students to make sound registration decisions and assists in their personal financial planning.  It also maintains the University of Houston's compliance with state and federal regulations regarding posting of information on required and recommended course materials.  As you begin planning and preparing for the upcoming fall semester, please help us stay compliant by submitting your textbook requests to the bookstore no later than Thursday, July 3, 2014.

To facilitate this process and ensure compliance, the bookstore has been designated as the collector of required and recommended course materials for the University of Houston. Course materials should include textbooks, assembled note packets, and any devices such as clickers, calculators, lab supplies, or other devices that are required or recommended for the course.  Please note that none of these regulations affects the faculty's right to choose textbooks and course materials they wish to require and recommend to registered students.

For assistance with making informed decisions about course materials, please visit Faculty Resources for publisher reviews, author information and biographies, book summaries, sample chapters and other valuable tools to aid in your adoption decisions.

There are several convenient options available to you for submitting the request form. You may visit the UH Bookstore website and submit the Textbook Request Form, send a scanned copy via email, send a copy via mail, phone in the request, or simply walk a printed form over to the UH Bookstore located in the University Center.

Fax: 713-748-8719
Phone: 713-748-0923 ext.119

Thank You,

Paula Myrick Short