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Fall and Spring Scheduling Options February 18, 2014

Dear UH Faculty and Staff:

Faculty and administrators have had the ability to deliver courses on various scheduling options at UH for some time, though it appears many were unaware. To increase enrollments to count toward our base year for state funding and to provide access to courses that might be important in helping those near graduation to complete the degree, I charged Associate Provost Jeff Morgan to explore ways to make this happen. I want to ensure that you are fully aware of these options and also consider participation, though it is entirely optional. As I stated, these options are not new, but they appear to be relatively unknown to the faculty. At present, there are 6 scheduling options during these semesters.

Session 1: The full semester

Session 2: The first 5 weeks of the semester

Session 3: The first half of the semester

Session 4: The middle 5 weeks of the semester

Session 5: The last half of the semester

Session 6: The last 5 weeks of the semester

As already stated, these options were originally created to better serve our students. Associate Provost Morgan is seeking courses to include in one or more of these options.  At present, there are only 43 courses scheduled during sessions 2-6 of this spring semester, and all but a handful of these were scheduled prior to the beginning of the full spring semester (session 1).

We have a few courses now listed in sessions 5 and 6. These sessions are not intended to be an opportunity for course offerings without regard to student ability or need. There are students who should not be encouraged to take additional courses if they are already struggling with their course (and possibly work) schedule. However, there are students and courses for which these sessions are appropriate. We have already heard from advisors and administrators who are working to arrange courses to help some students who are capable and close to graduation.

Please contact Jeff Morgan ( with questions or concerns regarding these sessions.

Paula Myrick Short