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Teaching Innovation Program Grant January 6, 2014

Dear Faculty:

The New Year begins with an opportunity for your Department to apply for a new grant supported by the Provost and the Office of Academic Affairs. The Teaching Innovation Program (TIP) grant is an internal funding award which is taking the place of the FDIP (Faculty Development Initiative Program).

The Teaching Innovation Program (TIP) is an award opportunity for Departments to develop and implement a plan for new and innovative approaches to teaching. The Provost and the Office of Academic Affairs are committed to providing resources and support to Departments and faculty who can present a collaborative and innovative plan for accomplishing the TIP program objectives:

  • To increase student success in learning course material
  • To increase student ability to use/apply course material
  • To develop curriculum to help students become innovative and self-directed learners

Faculty are encouraged to share ideas with their Department Chairs, who will determine the most innovative and sustainable submission for the Department. No individual faculty submissions will be accepted, and only one submission will be accepted from each Department. The submission form and grant information can be found on the Faculty Design and Instructional Support (FDIS) website: The deadline for submission is February 21, 2014.

Questions should be directed to Tammy Hoskings, Director, Faculty Design and Instructional Support (, 832-567-5524). We look forward to giving recognition to your contribution to innovative teaching.

Paula Myrick Short