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Learn the ins and outs related to research at UH through contracts, compliance, intellectual property, and animal care.

Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG)

The OCG assists faculty in obtaining external funding to support their creative and scholarly activities. As such, OCG plays a role in helping UH fulfill its research, instruction and public service missions. In conjunction with college staff, OCG is tasked with the administrative and financial management of awards.

Research Integrity and Oversight (RIO) Office

The Research Integrity and Oversight (RIO) Office is committed to the support and education of the UH research community in all areas of compliance with federal regulations concerning human subjects, animal subjects, conflicts of interest, grant congruency, and responsible conduct of research.

Technology Transfer and Innovation

The Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation (OTTI) manages patents, copyrights and trademarks, and works with faculty and the Intellectual Property Committee to file patents for inventions. The office also acts as the industry's gateway to innovation at the University of Houston, uniting UH with start-ups, midsize companies, large corporations and non-profit organizations to bring university discoveries to the marketplace. OTTI oversees the IP Committee, Technology GAP Fund and the Innovation Center and Labs.

Animal Care Operations (ACO)

ACO provides professional veterinary and husbandry services to support animals used in biomedical and behavioral research, including the maintenance of standards for animals, facilities, equipment and procedures. ACO provides such services to faculty, such as animal procurement, training, veterinary consultation in research design, transportation of animals and veterinary care. ACO also provides professional veterinary medical, husbandry and proposal review services to support animals used in biomedical research.

Strategic Research Communications

Strategic Research Communications is responsible for raising the visibility of UH research and innovation programs nationally, among peer institutions and throughout Houston’s regional industry. In addition, the team manages programs to engage UH researchers and inventors, and supports the Division of Research business communications.