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Faculty Grievance

The University of Houston requires that all faculty members be treated fairly and consistently in all matters related to their employment. The university provides faculty with the right to express their grievances through informal and formal avenues. Retaliation in any form against any faculty member for presenting a grievance is prohibited and may itself be grieved. This grievance policy applies to faculty members as well as librarians of the University of Houston Libraries.

NOTE: This policy does not address allegations of unlawful discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct. Any allegations of unlawful discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct should be filed with the Office of Equal Opportunity Services in accordance with the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy (SAM 01.D.08) or the University’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy (SAM 01.D.07).

Please follow the links for information on when, what and how to file a grievance with the University Grievance Committee.

Please follow the instructions found on the grievance template form for initial submission of a grievance. Once the template has been submitted (including any supporting information) it will be routed directly to the Chair of the University Grievance Committee.

Procedures governing the submission, review, investigation and hearing of grievances concerning tenure and promotion are distinct from this grievance process and can be found at the link below or in the Faculty Handbook.