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Faculty/Staff Administrators

Hiring Process

All new faculty appointments are processed through TALEO, the University’s recruitment and application system. Applicants must apply for vacant positions and be selected for hire in Taleo. Please review the Faculty Position Posting Guide for instructions on how to post a position in TALEO. Reappointments are processed via reappointment agreement (see below form).

Faculty Search Committee Training Sessions

The University of Houston hosts faculty search committee training sessions to support its commitment to recruit and retain a diverse Powerhouse Faculty that will advance the University’s national competitiveness, student success and community engagement goals. The training focuses on sharing best practices, resources, guidelines and practical suggestions that will help make the search more productive and successful. Search committee members are required to attend one training session every two years prior to their service on a search committee. In summer and fall 2019 we will have multiple training sessions and faculty members will be able to schedule a session that works for their schedule.

Sign up for a Faculty Search Committee Training Session

Please feel free to contact the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention at or by phone at 713-743-6268.

Please see the Taleo Search Committee Quick Guide for information on how to review applicant pools as a search committee member.

Instructor Credentials:

The University of Houston appoints all tenured, tenure track and non-tenure track faculty and instructors of record in accordance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Faculty Credentialing Guidelines (PDF). To determine if an instructor has the appropriate credentials, please review the Instructor Credential Guidelines. If an individual to be appointed instructor of record does not have appropriate academic qualifications, a justification form must be completed to document the instructor’s qualifications and experience. The relationship of the instructor’s qualifications and experience to the specific subject matter and topics covered in the course must be apparent and comprehensively summarized on the form.

For questions regarding the faculty hiring process, please email

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Additional Forms and Policies

For additional forms pertaining to faculty, see below. All forms and questions may be submitted to

Promotion and Tenure Process

The University of Houston promotion and tenure process is an electronic process using a SharePoint site. For confidentiality and security purposes, access to the Site is limited to specific time periods and accessible only by current year candidates and reviewers.

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Governance Organizations

The following is a collection of links to information about the various governance organizations at the University of Houston central campus.