UH Libraries Jump 12 Places in ARL Rankings

  MD Anderson Library

UH Libraries moved up 12 places in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) ranking to 65 from 77. The ARL rankings for the UH Libraries have increased 17 places over the past 4 years.

"I am so pleased that the University of Houston Libraries has moved up, and moved up significantly in the ARL rankings" said UH Libraries Dean Lisa German. "Because the rankings are based upon expenditures, this upward movement is a reflection of the tremendous support that we have received from the University of Houston, particularly from the Provost's Office. With this support, and with our new strategic plan in front of us, we will continue to move onward and upward on behalf of the UH community."

The University of Houston Libraries is a research library system serving University of Houston students, faculty, staff, and the scholarly community. Resources include over 600 databases, approximately 94,000 e-journal titles, over 655,000 e-books, and 1,100 print journal subscriptions.

HRM Staff Member Gautam Taneja Helps Print 3-D Hand for 6-year-old Girl

Gautam Taneja prints hand for Dahlia
HRM Staff Member Gautam Taneja showing Dahlia her new 3-D printed hand. Photo: Katie Guidroz.

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management staff member Gautam Taneja helped Dean's Assistant Donna Shaw's granddaughter receive a prosthetic hand. Dahlia was born without a right hand, and the cost of prosthetics, especially for children as they age, was prohibitive to her receiving one. Gautam researched 3-D printing and found the site e-NABLE, which offered free 3-D drawings.

Gautam had the prosthesis printed at COUGARBYTE, UH's technology store. "It took 19 hours to print, about five hours for me to assemble, and it cost less than $100," Gautam said. Dahlia is elated with her new hand, which allows her to count to ten on all her fingers and get a better grip on her scooter. Her prototype hand is being replaced with one in softer materials, and Dahlia has requested the hand be pink, with purple fingers.

For the full story from the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, click here. To see the story featured on Fox News, click here.

Professor Joe Francis' Mind is Teeming with Ways to Team with Robots
Joe Francis
Joe Francis, associate professor of biomedical engineering in the Cullen College of Engineering, received an NSF grant to expand the means in which humans work with robots.

Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Joe Francis hopes to expand humans' ability to work with robots through a new NSF grant. Francis works to take information from humans and give it to robots so they can anticipate what humans want in the future. He does this by recording human brain waves through EEG and brain hemodynamics, or blood changes, through an imaging process called Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.

The goal is to determine how well artificial agents and humans can work together instead of getting in each other's way. Once that teamwork is improved, Francis believes it and other research he is conducting will change people's lives by improving sensory prosthetics. Read the Full Story.

Travels with Shasta!

Shasta at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan

Send your photos of Shasta's travels to, tweet them @SashaProf, or share them with Provost Paula Myrick Short on facebook.

Shasta, eight UH geosciences students, and their faculty mentor Dr. Guoquan "Bob" Wang, associate professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, are visiting the China University of Geosciences at Wuhan. To Read the Full Story about their trip, click here.

University News

Dr. Fatima Merchant, associate professor in the Department of Engineering Technology, is working with collaborators from MD Anderson and UT Austin on a shared decision-making system for breast cancer patients considering breast reconstruction, and their surgeons. Read the Full Story.

Dr. Siva Kumari, UH Alumna, is the first woman to hold the position of Director General of the International Baccalaureate. She received her doctorate in education from UH, and was awarded "outstanding doctoral student" for her pioneering work studying pedagogical practices of higher education faculty in online education.

Bauer Alumnus Keeyan Sabz ('11) was recognized by the Houston Association of Realtors as one of the NextGen Realtor Group's 20 under 40 Rising Stars in Real Estate. Read the Full Story.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Instructional Assistant Professor Rebecca George and Associate Professor W. Anthony Frankino received the 2016 John C. Butler Excellence in Teaching Award. Read the Full Story.

UH Alumna Darlene Byrne ('87), hopes to ban the shackling of juveniles in court. Judge Byrne, president of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and judge of the 126th Judicial District Court in Travis County, spoke on the subject at the 15th annual Zealous Advocacy Conference held at the University of Houston Law Center. Read the Full Story.

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