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Pratham@UH is the university chapter of a non profit organization Pratham, a community based grass root organization that promotes education of underprivileged children in India.

We all have been gifted with the opportunity to teach and educate ourselves with the help of the support system around us. Unfortunately, everybody does not get this opportunity. Unlike us, there are about more than 50 million children in India who are deprived of this basic necessity, because of the lack of support and resources available to them. Pratham is putting relentless efforts towards educating these children with the help of each and every individual who wants to make a difference and YES the difference is being made by reaching 33 million children in 305,000 villages and 43 cities across 19 states. Even YOU as an individual can make a difference from here, by spreading the Word, by donating a Penny or by contributing to our activities. It is our social responsibility as an individual, to help these underprivileged children get atleast the basic needs of our time.

We are Pratham@UH, your very own, University of Houston's chapter of Pratham. Join hands with us in working for a cause; a cause that will enable every child to attend a school and help him/her to learn. Let us spread the awareness and work towards making a difference in the lives of those 50 million kids. Yes YOU and I can make a difference.

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