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Administration and Finance

The Division of Administration and Finance provides a wide variety of services on behalf of the University, including maintenance of campus facilities, ensuring campus safety, providing food services, processing business transactions with vendors and students, and all financial reporting. Complaints regarding these services should be directed to the following address:

Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

Attn: Ms. Emily Messa
University of Houston
Ezekiel W. Cullen Building, Room 226
Houston, Texas 77204-2016

If the complainant knows the specific department to which their complaint applies, they are invited to contact them directly:

Accounts Payable 713-743-7080
Environmental & Physical Safety 713-743-5858
Facilities Management 713-743-5679
Facilities Planning & Construction 713-743-8025
Financial Reporting/State Accounting 713-743-8859
Financial Services 713-743-5589
Food & Dining Services 713-743-3663
Human Resources 713-743-7777
Parking & Transportation 713-743-5847
Payroll 713-743-8766
Postal Services 713-743-5824
Printing Services 713-743-5900
Risk Management 713-743-8021
Student Business Services 713-743-5880
Tax Compliance 713-743-8710
Treasury 713-743-9180
University Police 713-743-0600