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Bicycle Registration

Why Register?

Bicycle theft is big business on college campuses nationwide. As the price for new bicycles increases each year, their resale value also increases. In recent years, more than 75% of owners who reported their bicycles stolen to UHPD did not know the serial number stamped into the frame of their bicycle.

illustration of a bike riderMost manufacturers stamp an individual serial number into each bicycle before it leaves the factory. Serial number and specific descriptive information is crucial if police are to identify recovered bicycles and locate rightful owners.

The University of Houston Police Department encourages you to take a few simple steps that may protect you from becoming the victim of bicycle theft. Registration takes only minutes to complete, however registration along with adequate locking mechanisms significantly decrease the likelihood your bicycle will be stolen.

Register Your Bike!If you own a bicycle that is not registered in this program, you are encouraged to bring your bicycle and personal identifying information to UHPD located at 4051 Wheeler Houston, Tx.


Register your bike on-line by following the instructions detailed under “Online Registration”

If your bike will be brought onto the campus, register your bike with us even if your bicycle is registered with another program or law enforcement agency.

Owner and bicycle information will be recorded and maintained in a computer database for future use if it is needed in the event of a theft. A reflective numbered registration sticker will be provided to be affixed to your bicycle frame to make identification by police easier.

Registration may provide the only means of returning a stolen bicycle once it is recovered by police. With the recorded information police can make police departments nationwide aware that a particular bicycle is stolen.

How to Register:

Walk-In Registrations

You can register "in-person" year-round at the "walk-in" registration location listed above. For a walk-in registration, you'll complete an official "Bicycle Registration" form at the time of registration. The bike owner (or parent in the case of a minor) will be asked for verifiable identification.

illustration of a sample serial number with 7 digits

Illustration of common locations for serial numbers on a bike - 1-under crank, 2-rear stay, 3-seat tube, 4-head tubeYour bicycle must have a permanent serial number to be registered.

If you cannot find the serial number on your bike or if your number is only a "sticker", please bring your bicycle to UHDPS (4051 Wheeler Houston, Tx. 77204, UH entrance 12 @ Wheeler), so we can engrave an identification number on your bicycle for you.

Registration decals will be issued to the owner upon completion of the walk-in registration.

  • Registration is free.
  • Owners must have their bike available to verify the serial number and other identifiers. Bring a photo ID for owner identification.
  • A separate form is required for each bicycle to be registered. The registration does not expire. When a registered bike is sold, the new owner can bring a bill of sale to UHPD to transfer the registration.

Online Registration

If you are new to the campus or haven't yet brought your bike onto the campus, you can pre-register your bike!  Online Bicycle Registration Form.

Submission of the "online" registration form will deliver the form by email to the UHPD Crime Prevention Unit. Allow approximately 2 weeks for processing/mailing. When registration is complete, your numbered, reflective registration decal will be mailed to you by:

  • U.S. Mail if you provided an off-campus "local" address.
  • Campus Mail if you provided an on-campus address.
  • U.S. Mail, to your "permanent home address", if you do not yet have a "local" address.

All students, faculty, and staff may use online registration, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, year-round, if it's the most convenient way for you to get your bike registered. (We always encourage walk-in registration as the best, and most expeditious method.)

Some advantages of "Walk-in" registration are:

  • Allows for photo-ID verification of the owner,
  • The registrar can double-check the serial number of the bike. Many bikes have part, model designation and other non-serial numbers stamped into the frame at different locations, and owners often mistake which number is the "serial number".
  • If the bike has no visible serial number, the registrar can engrave an "Owner-Applied-Number” (OAN) into the frame of the bike. Without a permanent serial number or OAN, a bicycle cannot be registered.

The important thing is to get your bike registered as soon as possible! Even if you use online registration, you can later ride/bring your bike by a walk-in registration location and have your serial number verified.

When performing an online registration, take time to read the "Registration Notes" at the end of the form before submitting your registration. Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you by email if there are any questions/problems completing your registration.
Online Bicycle Registration Form

Your Registration Decal -

When you receive your individually-numbered decal:

Be sure you put the decal on the proper bicycle. (For those who have more than one.)

Clean the area to which the decal is to be applied. (See diagram, below, for recommended locations.)

Apply the decal, and RIDE

Illustration showing recommended decal placement locations on a bike - top side of horizontal top tube, left side of diagonal down tube

A prime decal location is on the top side of top-tube, BENEATH THE SEAT (to avoid wear and weathering and make removal difficult). This places it in a common location easily spotted by law enforcement and potential thieves. You want people to know your bike is registered! It should go without saying, but don't affix the decal to the removable seat-post!

If you have questions about bicycle registration please call UHDPS at 713-743-3333, or send e-mail to: