Top Stories

Tour of The Lighthouse of Houston

WorkQuest coordinated a tour for City of Houston Mayor’s Office Rep & UH F/CM Team

Classroom Refresh Program Update

F/CM reports progress on the classroom renovations.

UHS Facilities Forum 2021

Finding the new normal.

Revolutionizing Customer Service

Facilities/Construction Management is changing the game.

Welcome Assistant Directors of Campus Services

Maintaining Excellence through dedicated service mindsets.

Key Audit Increases Safety for Campus

Facilities/Construction Management is getting the campus ready for the full return.

UH Facilities Hurricane Prepardness

UH Facilities helps with the campus-wide efforts to prepare for Hurricane Season.

Bicycle Rack Spring Cleaning

Facilities/Construction Management and UH Police Department Partner to Maintain Bicycle Parking Spaces

UH Facilities receives TAPPA Stars Across Texas Award

UH Facilities receives TAPPA Stars Across Texas Award

Facilities Preventive Maintenance Using New Technology to Fight COVID-19

Air filter coating to be applied across campus.

Facilities/Construction Management offers Project Management Professional Certification

Building future projects for the University, department, and staff.

Project Management Software Revolutionizes Construction Services

Facilities/Construction Management uses emerging technologies to deliver operational excellence

Semester Magazine: Spring/Fall 2020

Facilities Highlights the Top News and Events of 2020

Sanitizing Stations and Supplies Ready for Semester Start

F/CM continues to support students as they return in 2021.