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You can make appointment with one of these counselors.

  • Individual Appointment

Questions about:

      • Maintaining status(reduced course loads, transfers, basic travel)
      • Seeking basic benefits(such as CPT, scholarships, assistantships, inviting dependents, etc.)
      • Visa renewals
      • Change of status
      • Reinstatement
      • OPT Extension Applications
      • Transitions: Visa, employment or completion of program
  • OPT Group Appointment

      • Only for those F-1 students ready to apply for post-completion OPT(within 90 days prior to the date all degree requirements are met, or during the 60-days grace period)
      • Completed Academic Verification form required to attend appointment
      • Available on specified days/times. (Click here for upcoming appointments) 

You can make appointment with one of these counselors.