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Common Documents For All Visas

F-1/F-2 Visa

J-1/J-2 Visa

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List Fees
ISSS Fee $100/semester including summer(Effective Fall, 2020)
J-1 Scholar Fee $100/year; $50/semester(Effective September 1, 2020)
International Student Orientation Fee $75
Alumni Fee on OPT $100(Effective Sept 1, 2020)
Alumni Fee on STEM OPT $200(Effective September 1, 2020)
U.S. Citizen/Permanent Res. Fee (This is a fee charged when a U.S. citizen or perm. Resident needs to see an international student counselor for assistance.) $25
File Search/Photocopy (for PR's & Alumni) (Also includes letters.) $10(Effective Sept 1, 2020)
Govt. Sponsored Student Fee $175/Semester; $87/Summer
Sponsored Student Fee $90/semester; $50/six-week
J-1 Student Intern Fee $160
J-1 Student on Academic Training (AT) Fee $100 for the 1st 18-month AT; $200 for additional AT beyond the 1st 18-month(Effective September 1, 2020)