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Contractor Travel

  • Approvals

    Travel Request:

    U.S., Mexico, & Canada Delegate-Unit Head-Certifying Signatory
    Foreign (Local Funds) Delegate-Unit Head-Certifying Signatory

    *Provost must approve foreign travel for any faculty

  • Requirements

    Travel reimbursements for the contractors must be in accordance with the agreement/contract and supported with itemized receipts. The expense must not be lavish or extravagant. 

  • Documentation
    • Itemized receipts
    • Program/Agenda
    • Fully approved travel request
  • Additional Information

    In order to create a Concur profile for non-employees, complete the Concur Non-Employee access form and submit it to Concur@Central.UH.EDU

    Delegates can create Travel Requests for non-employee travelers and submit the requests into workflow for them. Delegates can create Expense Reports for non-employee travelers and submit the reports into workflow for the non-employee.  Non-employees do not log into Concur. 

    If Traveler is both a non-employee and a foreign national , the Expense Report should be routed to UH Tax.

Sources: MAPP 04.02.01B, SAM 03.A.03