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Pre-Nursing Pathway

First-time-in-college degree seeking students are not directly admitted into Nursing as a major but must apply to the College of Nursing Pre-Nursing pathway as their intended course of study through the University of Houston undergraduate admissions application process. For admission rules and requirements applicable to all University of Houston applicants visit UH Admissions. The admission standards for Pre-Nursing are more rigorous than the general admission criteria for UH. Pre-Nursing UH Students who wish to apply to Nursing must meet additional criteria and be accepted through a highly competitive admission process: Traditional BSN Track Admission Requirements. Acceptance as a Pre-Nursing student does not guarantee admission as a Nursing major in the UH College of Nursing.

College of Nursing Academic Advising begins at UH freshman orientation and continues throughout one’s college career. At orientation, students admitted as Pre-Nursing will meet for the first time with a College of Nursing academic advisor. This advisor will assist students with selecting courses for the first term and later with subsequent semesters. The advisor will keep students informed about special programs and opportunities, as well as, the Nursing major application process. Once students have completed or are enrolled to complete 60 credits (SCH) of the Pre-Nursing recommended course pathway (45 SCH in residence at the University of Houston), they are eligible to apply to the College of Nursing Traditional BSN major. Students may be accepted conditionally, pending completion of the UH core requirements, all Nursing program pre-requisites, a criminal background and a drug screen clearance. Admission to the Traditional BSN major is a highly competitive process and is not guaranteed. The minimum criteria to be considered for admission can be found on the College of Nursing website. Students not admitted to the CON Traditional BSN track will be advised to an alternate major at the University of Houston. Applicants not admitted may reapply by the deadline date for the next term. Applications are not carried forward to the next deadline date and there are no waiting lists.

Admission Criteria

To declare Pre-Nursing as an intended course of study, high school graduates must meet the following criteria.

Class Rank   Total SAT Score/
Min. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW)
  ACT Composite/
Min. ACT English
Top 25%  AND  1270/630  OR  27/24
26%-50% 1320/630 28/24
All Others/
Not Ranked
1400/630 32/24

Class Rank: Top 25% AND

  • Minimum SAT Score Total/Minimum SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW): 1270/630; OR
  • ACT - Minimum ACT Composite/Minimum ACT English: 27/24

Class Rank: 26% - 50% AND

  • Minimum SAT Score Total/Minimum SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW): 1320/630; OR
  • ACT - Minimum ACT Composite/Minimum ACT English: 28/24

Class Rank: All Others and Not Ranked

  • Minimum SAT Score Total/Minimum SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW): 1400/630; OR
  • ACT - Minimum ACT Composite/Minimum ACT English: 32/24

In addition, applicants for Pre-Nursing must complete the following high school coursework:

  • English: 4 units
  • Biology, Chemistry, and 2 other advanced science courses requiring biology and chemistry as pre-requisites: 4 units
  • Algebra: 2 units
  • Geometry: 1 unit
  • Pre-Calculus or other advanced math (i.e., statistics): 1 unit