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The RN to BSN track is for the registered nurse with an associate's degree in nursing or diploma in nursing.  The RN to BSN track is offered at the University of Houston at Katy in a face-to-face environment.  You will receive a Tier One University education from excellent faculty at a great value.  Lab and/or clinical course requirements are in a face-to-face learning environment for practice and demonstration to meet course objectives and accreditation requirements.  Our innovative RN to BSN track will allow you to advance your career by completing a BSN degree. 

Program Description

The primary educational objective of the RN to BSN completion program is to increase the career and educational opportunities available to registered nurses in the university’s service region. Graduates of the program will have a broader understanding of the nursing profession and will bring that understanding to the practice of nursing in their places of employment. Graduates will be prepared to assume some leadership and management roles.

Program Goals

    1. Synthesize knowledge from the biological sciences, social sciences, behavioral sciences, humanities, and nursing to provide appropriate culturally sensitive care to individuals, families and communities.
    2. Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication, collaboration with other professionals and leadership, and management skills.
    3. Critically analyze and apply research findings to nursing practice related to disease prevention, health promotion, illness care, and restoration of health.
    4. Utilize critical thinking skills to evaluate the outcomes of nursing care.
    5. Serve as client advocates by providing health education and in monitoring and promoting access to cost-effective care.
    6. Encourage lifelong learning and create a foundation for graduate study.
    7. Integrate professional values and ethical, moral and legal aspects of nursing into practice in a variety of structured and unstructured settings.
To find out about the RN to BSN program requirements, Program Requirements or email for general information.