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Undergraduate Preceptor Tuition Waiver Information

The State of Texas has encouraged Texas Nurses to partner with educational institutions by offering a $500 Tuition Waiver for either the Preceptor or the Preceptor’s Child at any state university.  The information from the Texas Legislature may be found here. More information can be found at College for All Texans.

To receive Undergraduate Preceptor Tuition Waiver at the University of Houston, please do the following:

  1. Complete the Preceptor Agreement and Credentials form.
  2. Receive a copy of the verified Agreement.
  3. Follow the application instructions at the College for All Texans link.
  4. The completed application, along with the completed and verified Agreement and the UH student’s PeopleSoft Id can be taken to the Student Business Services at the Welcome Center or emailed to Mary Tiller (
  5. All approved documents with required signatures must be submitted to Student Business Services by the census day of the respective term  (Fall and Spring: 12 class day and Summer 4th class day).