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teachHOUSTON Equinor Summer STEM Series

FREE STEM Lessons for Students Entering Grades 6–8
FREE Access for Students, Teachers, and Parents until August 31, 2020

The teachHOUSTON Equinor Summer STEM Series features highly engaging STEM topics including, Data Science, Space Science, Personal Finance, Programming and more.

Awesome STEM Experiences

Lessons are engaging and mission-focused. Children will love exploratory activities where they are not just passively watching, they are DOING!

More than Virtual Lessons

Students can pause videos to complete tasks and use everyday materials to complete some of the activities and experiments on their own.

Mission Series – All for Free! All for Kids!

Students can pick from any of the mission series. Missions within a series are designed to be done in order as students gain skills and knowledge.

Work at Your Own Pace

Missions within a series can be done at the student’s own pace. Each mission is intended to take approximately 30–45 minutes. Lessons also include additional opportunities for further exploration.

Each mission within the series contains:

  • Links to a video and student activity companion document.
  • Link to a teacher document with lesson plan and alignment to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Mathematics.

Get Started on a Mission

Parents, Caregivers & Teachers

If you have questions or comments, please contact

Teachers, please email us, and let us know where you are and how many students you are working with!