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Advancing Cultural and Computational Engagement in STEM Scholars

Seeking Future Secondary STEM Teachers

Grant-funded by the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (Grant # 1950036)

The teachHOUSTON program at the University of Houston has launched a new program with full scholarships available preparing highly qualified STEM teachers through Advancing Cultural and Computational Engagement in STEM Scholars, also referred to as tH-ACCESS.

The program targets students who aspire to become secondary STEM teachers and have an interest in advancing social justice to all students. We are seeking racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse candidates for this program.

About the Program

tH-ACCESS is a partnership between the UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UH College of Technology and UH College of Education. It is supported by grant funding from the National Science Foundation. See our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Certification Received: Certifications are available in areas of 7–12 Mathematics (235) and 7–12 Science (236).

Instruction Model: Daytime face-to-face and/or virtual classes (Mon–Fri) and field experiences in local public-school districts, based on the structure of each district.

Selected participants will be eligible for:

  • Scholarships of $6,000 per semester for up to four semesters for a total of $24,000.

Courses and mentoring will focus on topics such as:

  • Student-centered lesson planning in STEM
  • Classroom management
  • Using technology in meaningful ways with your students
  • Understanding the significance of students’ cultural and educational experiences to inform STEM teaching and learning

At teachHOUSTON, we pride ourselves on preparing highly effective, student-centered, teacher leaders in secondary STEM education. We have proudly produced approximately 350 teachers in the Houston area over the last 12 years, with 89% of our graduates staying in the classroom past the five-year mark. Our success is a combination of our attention to quality and unique structures of support that nurture students throughout the program and after they graduate. Through tH-ACCESS, you will receive the expertise, quality and support of the teachHOUSTON (a UTeach replication) program.


See our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please direct all questions and inquiries to Use the phrase “tH-ACCESS” in the email subject line.

Juniors will follow the traditional teachHOUSTON pathway and are eligible to apply for this and other scholarships upon completing the first teachHOUSTON field-based course (CUIN 4397) Introduction to STEM Teaching.

How to Sign Up for CUIN 4397

Seniors, with one or two courses remaining in their major, are eligible for the expedited pathway which certifies teachers in nine months. The first cohort for the expedited pathway will begin in Spring 2021. Seniors with more than two courses left should view possible pathway options and/or contact Use the phrase “tH-ACCESS” in the email subject line.

Seniors will be eligible, for the expedited degree plan that allows you to graduate with certification in nine months.

Secure your spot with a scholarship, apply today.

Apply Now

Priority Deadline for Seniors: October 14, 2020

Expedited Pathway for Seniors

Selection Criteria

Applicants Requirements:

  • Seniors with only a few courses remaining
  • Strong interest in STEM education
  • Interest in advancing social justice in STEM teaching and learning
  • U.S. citizens or nationals, or permanent resident aliens
  • Must commit to teaching for 2 year

Length of Certification Program: 9 months

Up to 20 applicants will be selected for the first cohort which starts in Spring of 2021.

Application Process

Please complete the following application to secure your spot to obtain your secondary STEM teaching certification with scholarship.

Apply Now

Priority Deadline for Seniors: October 14, 2020