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NSM Student Leadership

The “faces” of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, our student leaders represent the college in partnership with the Dean’s Office to serve the student body, promote an interdependent and unified culture among NSM undergraduates, and support student-success programs and initiatives. Our leaders hold positions across three branches (detailed below).

More Information

For information about the NSM Student Leadership Program, contact Hannah Ford,

Applications to Become an NSM Student Leader Are Open Now!

Info Session Dates

Wed, Feb 17 @ 5 PM
Tue, Feb 23 @ 5 PM
Mon, March 1 @ 5 PM
Thur, March 4 @ 5 PM
Tue, March 9 @ 4 PM
Wed, March 10 @ 4 PM

All Info Sessions will be held on MS Teams (code: zu34vh8).
*Attendance at an Info Session is mandatory to apply.*

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NSM Ambassadors

Undergraduate recruitment officers across all six departments, the Ambassadors are strategically chosen to represent the college at a variety of events to facilitate one-on-one and group discussions with prospective students wanting to learn more about NSM. Ambassadors speak to their academic and professional experiences in order to provide insight into what a college career in NSM looks like.

Meet the Ambassadors

Within one year of activity, NSM Ambassadors commit at least 30 hours per semester to supporting recruitment initiatives and projects that include the following:

  • Organizational meetings on alternate Tuesday mornings 8–9am (seven meetings each semester)
  • NSM Information Sessions for prospective students
  • “Day of Discovery” middle school and high school class visits to campus
  • UH Admissions recruitment events
  • Honors College Open Houses and recruitment events
  • College Fairs
  • “Phone-a-thons” and communication with prospective students and families
  • NSMeet Open House event(s) for admitted high school seniors and family members

NSM Peer Mentors

Upperclassmen Mentors support the transition into life as a Cougar, including offering advice, responding to questions, and sharing experiences to enhance the undergraduate experience for incoming freshman and first-semester transfer students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Mentors focus on academic success, university resources, career exploration and professional development, while offering networking opportunities to their mentees.

Meet the Peer Mentors

Within one year of activity, NSM Peer Mentors can expect to commit around 30 hours per semester working to enhance the undergraduate experience and help with the transition to UH for incoming freshman and first-semester transfer students. Programs and initiatives will vary, utilizing Peer Mentors’ experience, skill sets, and input to better support mentees; Mentors can expect to do some of the following:

  • Organizational meetings on alternate Thursday mornings 8–9am (seven meetings each semester)
  • Facilitate one-on-one and group meetings with freshman “mentees”
  • Lead and participate in monthly engagement events
  • Take on community mentorship roles that support making connections, accessing university resources and professional development
  • Take on tutor mentorship roles specific to STEM disciplines, holding weekly office hours and leading study sessions

NSM Student Programming Board

The College’s engagement and events committee, student leaders for the Programming Board work closely to build community among the student body. They often partner with NSM Senators in the Student Government Association and representatives from NSM and STEM-affiliated Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). Members are tasked with the programming and execution of events geared toward engaging undergraduates, facilitating peer connection, and offering doorways to opportunities and resources within NSM and UH.

Meet the Student Programming Board

Within one year of activity, Board members are expected to serve 30 hours per semester participating in college student success initiatives that include the following:

  • Organizational meetings on alternate Wednesday mornings 8–9am (seven meetings each semester)
  • Dean’s Office-sponsored events and community-building events
  • Development and fundraising events featuring alumni and college donors
  • “NSM Block Party” — fall semester kickoff welcome event for entering NSM freshmen
  • Coordination of “The Last Stand” Seminar Series
  • Convocation ceremonies for fall and spring semesters

Benefits of Student Leadership Positions

Undergraduate student leaders for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics are provided numerous opportunities to develop as professionals and gain invaluable leadership experience through these programs.

  • Network with other student leaders
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Serve as a role model to prospective students
  • Reflect on personal experiences to help others find their way in NSM and UH
  • Enhance the undergraduate experience for the student body
  • Share passions for UH and NSM
  • Practice project management, critical thinking and improvisation
  • Get a glimpse into the Higher Education/Academic Affairs field with firsthand experience supporting student success initiatives behind the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics