Econophysics - Introduction - University of Houston
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Econophysics - Introduction

Econophysics, also known as the physics of finance, is the study of the dynamical behavior of financial and economic markets. Recently, a vast amount of market data has become available allowing empirical studies of market behavior to be performed.

In the econophysics group at the University of Houston, we begin with these empirical studies to measure what the statistical properties of actual dynamics of markets are and then model that behavior mathematically. The models we create and study vary from discrete agent-based ones appropriate for short-time scale behavior to continuous stochastic ones appropriate for longer time scale behavior.

There are many interesting and important open questions about market dynamics that interest us. These include questions about how to properly measure and explain the important properties of market dynamics, about the stability of markets, and about what the differences are in the behavior of different types of markets. We are also interested in how the dynamics of markets impacts society.

The faculty member in the econophyiscs group include Professors Joseph L. McCauley, Kevin E. Bassler, Gemunu H. Gunaratne, George F. Reiter and David R. Criswell, as well as Dr. Valery A. Kholodni, an adjunct professor.