Biological and Medical Physics - University of Houston
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Biological and Medical Physics

Biophysics groups at the University of Houston study the physics of living matter through the characterization of its behavior in response to mechanistic manipulation. By experimental measurements and theoretical modeling, we are able to achieve a quantitative understanding of the underlying physics that dedicates the principles of interactions of biological materials. This knowledge is useful in better design of new technologies and materials with determined properties for the diagnostics and treatment of human diseases.

Research laboratories in our department work on various pertinent topics such as medical imaging physicsmolecular motors, cellular network, statistical physics of biomolecules, principles of molecular dynamics, and biomolecular imaging. Approaches to problem solving in biophysics research require multidisciplinary knowledge that includes physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. Each laboratory emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts that have been greatly catalyzed by the impressive biomedical infrastructure in Houston, which hosts the third largest medical center in the nation.