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Outreach & Education

Department of Physics at the University of Houston is introducing K-12 students the fun experience in physics as well as developing a diverse physics workforce in the greater Houston area. Our researchers and faculty members will bring their expertise in several areas of physics to teachers and the general public through the following outreach programs.

K-12 Education

Mars Rover Celebration

Contact: Dr. Edgar Bering

Science Field Trips

Sponsored by TcSUH and the Physics department

Contact: Jacqueline Boulavsky, Dr. Donna Stokes, Dr. Rebecca Forrest


Related Video: STEM Teaching Equity Project (STEP) - New Strategies for HS Physics Teachers

STEP-Physics (STEM Teaching Equity Project for Physics) provides high school physics teachers with professional development in physics content, inquiry-based instructional strategies, technology and mentoring. STEP is a collaboration between the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the College of Education. Learn more about this program which provides over 100 hours of professional development for teachers from 70 campuses.

Contact: Mr. Andrew Kapral, Dr. Rebecca Forrest

Secondary Teacher Preparation Program


Contact: Dr. Perri Segura, Dr. Paige Evans

Women in Physics

Women in Physics

Contact: Dr. Claudia Ratti