Amundson Lectures (2005) - University of Houston
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Amundson Lectures (2005)

SpeakerDr. Martin Feinberg
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Mathematics at Ohio State University

About the Speaker: Martin Feinberg is the Richard Morrow Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Mathematics at the Ohio State University. Building on earlier work with F.J. M Horn and Roy Jackson (formerly of the University of Houston), Feinberg and his students went on to prove penetrating and sometimes surprising theorems that led to chemical reaction network theory, a body of work that connects reaction network structure to qualitative properties of the corresponding differential equations. He has also done fundamental work on the  mathematics of chemical processing and on foundations of classical thermodynamics. Before moving to Ohio State, Feinberg was a professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester. He was educated at Cooper Union (B.Ch.E.), at Purdue University (M.S.), and at Princeton University (Ph.D.).







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