Jobs in Math at the NSA

Speaker:  Dr. Bill Christian
Date/Time: Wednesday, Sept. 11th, 12:30—1:30pm 
Location: PGH 646A
Hello again friends!

On behalf of SIAM and in association with AMS, I'd like to invite you again to FREE LUNCH at 12:30 on Wednesday for our first joint talk of the semester! Learn about the opportunities for jobs, internships, and research in national intelligence and security!

Dr. Bill Christian, a local Rice Math PhD, works for the department of defense, is here to explain a variety of potential roles in the NSA, and has made himself available for Q&A as well.

Please drop by for FREE LUNCH thanks to AMS and SIAM, and learn about how math keeps the nation safe, and what you can do to help!

All the best,
Neal Nesbitt (SIAM Communications)






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