Summer and Fall 2012 course infomation are available

The  Summer and Fall 2012 - 4000 level and graduate courses are available for enrollment

All supported graduate students please submit your Course Selection Form (before 04/23/2012) so the department can arrange your teaching assignment properly.

To register for Summer and Fall 2012 courses:

1. Log in to My UH (People Soft)
2. Click on "UH Self-Service"
3. Click on "Enrollment"
4. Click on "Enrollment: add classes" and choose the semester in which you would like to enroll.
5. Enter the specific section number for the class.
6. Continue to add more courses if needed and continue to finish the enrollment process.

to get the section numbers for your courses, select "Class Search/Browse Catalog" within the "Enrollment" option

For more information about other courses, visit UH course listing