Committees and Contacts - University of Houston
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Committees and Contacts

- Executive Committee:   R. AzencottD. BlecherB. Bodmann,  V. ClimenhagaM. Nicol,  T. Pan,  I. TimofeyevA. Vershynina

- Graduate Studies Committee:  I. Timofeyev (Chair), B. Bodmann, A. HaynesK. JosićW. Ott,  T. Pan; in any matters relating to the Masters in Statistics and Data Analysis W. Fu will be advising the Graduate Committee and attend its meetings.

- Undergraduate Studies Committee:   D. Blecher (Chair),  Tenure Track:  V. Climenhaga, G. Heier, M. Kalantar, W. Ott, A. Török.  Non-Tenure Track: N. Leger, P. Evans, B. George

- Colloquium Committee:   G. Heier (Chair), V. ClimenhagaY. Gorb, A. Haynes, M. Kalantar, A. MangA. Quaini, A. Török,  A. Vershynina

- Library Committee:   K. Kaiser (Chair), Y. Gorb, G. Heier, M. Kalantar

- Awards/Scholarship Committee:   M. AlmusD. Blecher, G. Etgen, V. ClimenhagaM. NicolW. Ott (Teaching awards);  B. Bodmann, V. Climenhaga,  M. NicolT-W. Pan, A. VershyninaI. Timofeyev (Research awards)

Faculty needing assistance or information regarding computing or IT issues  should send  email to or contact T. Pan. Faculty with questions about research awards and proposals may contact G. Auchmuty.

Departmental representatives on NSM and UH committees include

- UH Faculty Senate: Rebecca George, Manos Papadakis, and Annalisa Quaini

- College Government CommitteeGarret Etgen

- Graduate Studies CommitteeIlya Timofeyev

- Policy Committee: Maxim Olshanskiy

- Undergraduate Studies CommitteeDavid Blecher