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Coverage and Duties

Absence Communication:

Employees Communicating Absence or Tardiness

  1. Before your shift begins, call the front desk phone 713-743-3500, if you are running late or will be absent.  Specify:
    1. The time you expect to be in if you are late.
    2. The date you expect to return if you are absent.
    3. You need not give any personal information or explanation on the front desk phone.
  2. Explain the situation to the DBA or your immediate supervisor in one of the following methods:
    1. If the explanation is something you do not mind sharing, you may leave it on the message you leave at the front desk in #1 above.
    2. Call or email additionally to your immediate supervisor and explain the situation.
    3. See the DBA or your immediate supervisor as soon as you arrive to explain the situation.

Employees Receiving These Communications

  1. There is a note stuck on the back wall of the front desk hutch (you can see it if you sit in the chair) about how to check the messages at the front desk.
  2. Upon receiving a message regarding absence or tardiness, inform the DBA or employee’s immediate supervisor.
  3. If the message includes an explanation, forward the message to the employee’s supervisor or the DBA.

Note: Employees are expected to maintain low absenteeism rates by reporting to work on time as scheduled.

Employees should submit their leave request for appropriate supervisory approval and are encouraged to select the dates they wish to take vacation as far in advance as possible. Vacation will be granted as requested, provided the work schedule of the department permits. The date(s) of such equivalent time off will be mutually agreed upon in advance by the employee and the supervisor.