Featured Story: Min Ru - University of Houston
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Featured Story: Min Ru

Min Ru has a broad range of research interests, including complex and algebraic geometry, differential geometry (the Gauss map of minimal surfaces) and number theory (Diophantine approximation). He has published about 50 papers, including one in the Annals of Mathematics and two in Inventiones Mathematicae. Before joining UH, he was Benjamin Pierce Assistant Professor at Harvard University. His research has been continuously funded either by the National Science Foundation or by the National Security Agency.

Min Ru is the recipient of the 1999 University of Houston Research and Scholarship Excellence Award and of the Epson Award in Value Distribution Theory, for his outstanding achievements in the field of the value distribution and its applications. He was the invited main speakers at the various important conferences. Min Ru was one of the organizers for the 2008 Fall Thematic Program on Arithmetic Geometry, Hyperbolic Geometry and Related Topics at the Fields Institute.

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