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Graduate Programs Overview

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester Admissions: January 5

NOTE: In addition to these requirements, graduate admission to programs requiring a dissertation or thesis will be contingent upon a faculty advisor agreeing to supervise the applicant’s research. Therefore, prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact faculty members in the applicant’s field of interest prior to the application deadline. This does not apply to non-thesis or professional M.S. options.

Application Fees

Domestic Students: Free
International Students: $80

Degree Programs

Overview of Degree Programs

  • M.S. - Geology
  • M.S. - Geophysics
  • M.S. - Atmospheric Sciences
  • Ph.D. - Geology
  • Ph.D. - Geophysics
  • Ph.D. - Atmospheric Sciences

Professional Master’s Program

Overview of Professional Master’s Program

Online Application - All M.S. and Ph.D. Programs

Certifications & Short Courses

Advisor Information

Atmospheric Sciences

Xun Jiang

Xun Jiang, Ph.D.
SR1 432D

Geology and Geophysics

Shuhab Khan

Shuhab Khan, Ph.D.
SR1 234

Professional M.S. Program

Donald Van Nieuwenhuise

Donald Van Nieuwenhuise, Ph.D.
SR1 227

Staff Advisors

Atmospheric Sciences, Geology

Karen Maldonado

Karen Maldonado
SR1 312B


Jim Parker

Jim Parker
SR1 312B