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Giving to EAS

$50,000 Matching Gift Opportunity Will Fund Transfer Student Scholarships

Thanks to an anonymous $50,000 matching gift, EAS has the opportunity to recruit students who are transferring into the department from both outside and inside the university. With your help, we can raise an additional $50,000 to bring our total for these scholarships to $100,000. Learn More >

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Excellence Fund

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Giving to EAS

The Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Excellence Fund allows the department to have a direct and immediate impact on UH undergraduate and graduate students, programs, and faculty that are not funded through state support. These funds can be used for faculty and student travel to competitions and conferences, classroom and research equipment, special lectures, and program support.

Your gift to this fund will allow the department chair to use the funds where they are needed most. Select EAS Excellence Fund from the menu on our online giving page under “NSM Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.”

Undergraduate Operating Scholarships

Scholarship support for undergraduate students is often the deciding factor for an incoming freshman or transfer student in selecting the University of Houston over another institution. With this support, students can reach their goal of an education while focusing their energies on their studies.

Operating scholarships provide support for a single year and provide one-time, immediate financial assistance for current and prospective students. You may renew your support for a scholarship each year. Select EAS Undergraduate Scholarships from the menu on our online giving page under “NSM Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.”

If you are interested in creating a permanent source of funding for a scholarship through an endowment, please contact Olivia Thompson at or 713-743-8026.

Graduate Fellowships

Giving to EAS

Graduate fellowships provide funds to Master’s or Doctoral students in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department. These students are solving real-world problems in the energy and environmental arena under the tutelage of our faculty. Gifts for graduate fellowships help us to recruit and retain top graduate students — one of our Tier One Initiatives!

You may give annually to support graduate fellowships for Ph.D. or master's students, to support master's students specifically, or you may establish an endowed fellowship that provides for funds in perpetuity. Our online giving page provides a mechanism for giving an operating gift by selecting EAS Graduate Scholarships (for Ph.D. or master's students) or EAS Master's Student Support (for master's students only) from the menu under “NSM Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.”

If you are interested in establishing an endowed fellowship, please contact Olivia Thompson at or 713-743-8026.

Geology and Geophysics Field Camps

Giving to EAS

Our innovative programs and required field camps give our students a distinct advantage over their peers from other institutions. Less than 15% of university geosciences programs have field camps addressing geology and geophysics, and even fewer offer field experiences in environmental sciences.

Every undergraduate student in our geology program goes to the Yellowstone Bighorn Research Association camp near Red Lodge, Montana, for five weeks, and every geophysics student goes to Galveston for a combination of marine and land data collection experiences. Students from geology, geophysics and environmental sciences programs get practical experience enhancing their ability to learn how geologic and geophysical problems are addressed in the field.

Summer sessions cost from $2,550 to $4,250 depending on the course of study and number of sections a student selects. A $500 gift would help pay for a student’s airfare! The Field Camp also requires specialized technical and safety equipment. Donations assist us in maintaining equipment and transporting students to camp.

If you would like to contribute to EAS Field Camp Support, you may select from the menu on our online giving page under “NSM Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.”

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