Computational and Data Sciences - University of Houston
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Computational and Data Sciences

Scientific Computing, Biomedical Computing

Faculty Research Lab/Group Name
Guoning Chen Data Visualization & Modeling
Margaret Cheung
Christoph Eick Data Analysis and Intelligent Systems (DAIS)
Stephen Huang Center for Cybersecurity Center
Ioannis Kakadiaris Computational Biomedicine
Fatima Merchant 
Arjun Mukherjee
Carlos Ordonez Data Science Systems
Ioannis Pavlidis Computational Physiology
Nouhad Rizk Data Analysis and Intelligent Systems (DAIS)
Jaspal Subhlok Indexed Captioned Searchables (ICS) Videos Project
Nikolaos V. Tsekos Medical Robotics
Ricardo Vilalta Pattern Analysis
Panruo Wu