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Non-Degree Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Interactive Game Development


This graduate certificate program provides a solid foundation in game development processes as well as arts and animation; preparing students to become game developers in the largest sector of the entertainment industry. This program prepares students to understand fundamental game processes across multiple platforms, understand features of game development, create a game environment, and apply concept art and animation. It includes a hands-on component involving game creation to understand the challenges and solutions in game development across a variety of platforms.

This certificate is part-time only and non-degree seeking (which may have financial aid restrictions).
(Not eligible for a student visa.)

The Certificate consists of the following 4 classes:

  • COSC 6348 Introduction to Game Art and Animation (offered Fall only)
  • COSC 6358 Interactive Game Development (offered Fall only)
  • COSC 6349 Intermediate Game Art and Animation (offered Spring only)
  • COSC 6359 Intermediate Game Development (offered Spring only)


A grade of ‘B-‘ or better in the following courses or their equivalents:

  • COSC 1436 (previously 1430) Introduction to Programming
  • COSC 2436 (previously 2430) Programming and Data Structures
  • MATH 2413 (previously 1431) Calculus I
  • MATH 2414 (previously 1432) Calculus II
  • MATH 2318 (previously 2331) Linear Algebra

Admission to other graduate programs in the Department of Computer Science

  1. Students considering application to the M.S. in Computer Science may normally take a maximum of two (2) graduate classes before being accepted into the program, however, all four (4) of the courses taken for the certificate may transfer in. Additional earned graduate credits will not apply to the degree.
  2. Enrolling into this certificate program does not guarantee admission to our masters or doctoral program. This certificate program does not award degrees to the participants.
  3. Any of the four courses required for the certificate taken before acceptance into the program will not count toward the certificate.
  4. This program may be taken concurrently with the masters or doctoral program if admitted to both.

Application Process

Applications are taken for the Fall only (classes are sequenced)

  • Online application becomes available August 1:
  • International deadline January 15 (applicants on non-student visas)
  • US/Permanent Resident deadline June 1

Application Fee

US/Permanent Resident: none
International (non-student visas only): $75

Required Documents

  • One-page statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Official transcripts with degrees (and English translation if original in another language)
  • TOEFL or IELTS if transcripts from a country in which English is not the official language
  • GRE and recommendations not required