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Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held online
02/17 Suzanne Edmands Sex differences in stress tolerance, gene expression and lifespan in a microcrustacean R. Meisel
02/24 Matthew McCary Aquatic insects alter terrestrial ecosystems: a case study from subarctic Iceland S. Pennings
03/03 Zachary Adelman Novel targets for the genetic control of the bloodsucking mosquito, Aedes aegypti B. Dauwalder
03/10 Ehud Lamm The sad story of Friedrich Miescher, the forgotten discoverer of DNA. D. Graur
03/24 Scott Mangan Plant-soil feedbacks as stabilizing forces for the maintenance of plant diversity. K Crawford
03/31 Jun-ichi Abe NAD+ depletion-induced mitochondrial hibernation triggers senescence-associated secretory phenotype. T. Bawa-Khalfe
04/07 Zak Ratajczak Impacts of a long-term megagrazer rewilding on grassland diversity and resilience. S. Pennings
04/14 Tom Kocher Genetic conflicts, sex chromosomes, and the diversity of cichlid fishes in East Africa. R. Meisel
04/21 Renita Horton Engineering Cardiovascular Disease Models. A. Sater
04/28 Ricardo Azevedo TBD A. Sater
05/05 Imad Shureiqi PPAR-delta roles in health and carcinogenesis: A story of a double-edged sword. T. Bawa-Khalfe
05/12 Dan Graur The Unfounded Enthusiasm for Soft Selective Sweeps: The Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm That Isn't. B. Dauwalder