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Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

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  • Rodeo Parade – Saturday February 23, 10am-Noon

  • UH Day at the Rodeo – Saturday March 9
    Show your support for UH & join your fellow Coogs at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo tonight!
    Be sure to wear your Cougar Red!

Rodeo Scholar Stories

Click here to learn more about Rodeo Scholarship opportunities and how to apply.

Juan E. Medina

My name is Juan Eduardo Medina and I am a proud Houston Rodeo Scholar. I am originally from deep southern Mexico but I lived in Baytown for most of my life. I attended Goose Creek Memorial High School in Baytown and I now live on campus at the University of Houston. At UH, I am currently a freshman and am working to obtain two majors, one in Mathematics and one in Economics. Other than being a Houston Rodeo scholar, I am a Tier One scholar at UH and a Jesse Jones scholar. In high school, I graduated as the third ranked student.

Getting to college was not easy for me. My father always made me aware that he was not going to be able to fully pay for a university education and that I needed to pay for some of it. I did not ever get a job because I knew my education was my job so I worked as hard as I could and managed to obtain several scholarships to fund my college education. Having moved to the United States from Mexico, my primary language is actually Spanish and not English. I am extremely grateful for the Houston Rodeo Scholarship because it has given me a huge hand as I strive to obtain my degrees in college. Furthermore, it has given me the warmth inside of knowing that I have lifted such a huge monetary burden off my father by earning these scholarships. The Houston Rodeo Scholarship has made my road to a professional life and I appreciate this very much.

I am in the Spirit of Houston Marching Band as well as Cougar Brass (the University basketball band). I am a member of the Honors College, I am a part of a Research Cafe organization committee, part of the Fellowship of Tier One Scholar (FOTOS), and am a secretary in the first ever Circle K club at the University of Houston.

Preston Pierott

My name is Preston Pierott. I graduated from Westbury High School as the Valedictorian of my graduating class of 2012. I am currently attending college at the University of Houston as a freshman. My major is computer engineering. I enjoy participating in martial arts, running, playing the piano, and drawing. Over the years and months I have made many accomplishments. I became valedictorian, senior class president, prom king, featured in the September (2012) issue of Texas Monthly Magazine, and chosen to participate in a huge acting audition in Orlando, Florida this past summer.

Its funny how that the moment in your life that you have waited for anxiously since you were young is happening! I am finally in college! That is why I am so appreciative of the Rodeo Scholarship. The Rodeo Scholarship has helped to provide the means in order for me to get through this major point in my life. And for that I cannot thank them enough. Even though I have worked hard during my high school years, entering my first semester of college has shown me that this is no time to take a break and relax. There is still much work to be done. College work can be stressful at times. In those moments I am continually grateful for the Rodeo Scholarship because it helps to take the load off of me of having to worry about the means in which to continue classes the following semester. So really my job is simple; Just do well in school so that I can keep my scholarship! Overall I am doing very well here at the University of Houston. I was very successful my first semester and I intend to continue to do well.

Diana Jasso

It was an honor to be one of the recipients of the 2012 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship, this scholarship opened many doors for me, including having the opportunity to attain a further education. I graduated from C.E King High School, and I am currently a freshman pursing a bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Houston. However after graduating from the University of Houston, I plan to attend dental school, to become a dentist, and open a low priced dental clinic to help those who cannot afford dental care. The transformation from high school to college was not easy, especially being a first generation college student. However, I continue to work and study hard on a daily basis, just as I did in high school. I think it was not that much of drastic change for me because the Advance Placement Courses I took in high school really helped me see what the college workload would be like.

During my free time I like to spend time with my friend and family, I also like to play video games, and listen to music. In high school I was involved in many organizations such as in AVID, PALs, and NHS, where I became the Vice- President my junior year, and the President my senior year. I plan to to keep giving back to the community in form of community service just as I did during my high school career, in which I completed over 130 hours of community service; my goal is to double that while in college. In addition to English I also speak, write, and read, Spanish.

Janeli Milan

I am grateful for the Rodeo Scholarship because it means I have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree, but most importantly it means that I am closer to accomplishing my goals. Being a Rodeo Scholar signifies a lot more than just getting financially helped. This scholarship is not only an investment in my college expenses; it is an investment in my dreams, my future, and my goals.

I was chosen as a 2012 Rodeo Scholar and was awarded the Metropolitan Rodeo Scholarship. I graduated from Galena Park High School as Salutatorian of my senior class of more than 400 students. I played sports, and was involved in many school organizations such as National Honor Society, LULAC, and Mu Alpha Theta, in which I had roles such as President and Vice-President. I also served in many community services such as in elementary schools and in church.

I am currently a college freshman at the University of Houston and majoring in Liberal Studies while at the same time completing pre-requirements for the Pre- Nursing program. Getting to college was not easy as I faced the hardship of financial aid as many other students. I also faced the challenge of adjusting to a new routine, but most challenging of all was getting used to the “real world”; the reality in which you are responsible for your own things and that there is going to be no one to remind you of your responsibilities as it was done in high school.

Besides being a student at the University of Houston, I also serve community service at church and at a local nursing home. I speak English and Spanish, with Spanish being my first spoken language. I am the 3rd child out of four children and I am Mexican-American. I hope to one day make a positive impact on my community once my education is completed.

Anh Nguyen

I graduated from Eisenhower Senior High school at top 5%. I am the first generation to attend college, and my parents do not have the ability to help me financially. Therefore, I am grateful for the Rodeo Scholarship for giving me the opportunity to go to college and the financial support I needed. Getting to college has been a challenge. I was unsure of the process, but thankfully, College Forward and other school mentors have been a great help. I am currently a freshman who is still deciding between Business and Digital Media. Some of my past accomplishments are winning the Silver Key in Art Scholastic Award, placing second in School Art for Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and national finalist for Future Technology Teacher under Technology Student Association. I am bilingual in both English and Vietnamese. I'm known for my creativity and some of my hobbies are drawing and blogging. One of my biggest goals in life is to be able to help my parents financially, as well as giving the same support that I received from Rodeo Scholarship to other students who also struggle to get higher education. I aspire to travel the world one day and be more open-minded to other cultures.

Flavia Vancia

Thanks to the generosity of the Rodeo Scholarships sponsors, the financial stress of my undergraduate degree is no longer a looming problem. Although this is my second semester in college, I am classified as a sophomore and am majoring in Biology Pre-Medical. After my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend a medical school here in Texas. Making the transition from high school to college was not an easy task. However, my degree will make the study hours and the stress worthwhile. Here in college, I continue to pursue my hobbies, which include playing tennis, ping-pong, and jogging. My accomplishments thus far are graduating number seven in my high school class, maintaining my position as team captain and number one in girl’s tennis my junior and senior years in high school, and becoming Vice President of the Spanish Club my senior year in high school. In college, I now am part of a medical organization named AMSA, am an active member of Christians on Campus, and volunteer at MD Anderson every other Saturday. Throughout all my college activity, I still prioritize school, receiving a 3.749 for my Fall Semester here at the University of Houston. Born in Romania, my native language is Romanian. I arrived in the U.S. at age three, and with the help of my family, am working hard to obtain a degree.