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  • Charles McConnell


    Charles McConnell is a subject-matter expert in carbon capture, utilization and storage, and carbon management technologies, policies and business. He has 35 years of energy industry experience including national laboratories management and running the Mid-West Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership. 

  • Rheeda Walker


    Rheeda Walker, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Houston and director of the Culture, Risk, and Resilience Lab can talk about how Americans handle grief. "We have to be careful to be supportive and not rush to pathologize the grief process.”
  • Jim Granato


    Jim Granato is dean of the Hobby School of Public Affairs and a professor of public policy and political economy. He can speak to a wide range of topics surrounding American politics, political economy (monetary policy issues) and public policy.
  • Ed Hirs


    Ed Hirs is an energy economist and can discuss energy markets, energy policy including taxes and tariffs, and a range of issues related to oil and gas production, as well as the ways in which energy prices affect the broader economy.
  • Brandon Rottinghaus


    Brandon Rottinghaus can address the presidency, political scandal, media and political communication, public opinion, Latino voters and Texas politics. He is also the co-founding designer of the Presidential Proclamations Project at the University of Houston, an online resource documenting presidential use of unilateral powers through executive proclamation.
  • Julian Cardenas Garcia


    Julian Cardenas Garcia is a research assistant professor in the Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Center at the UH Law Center. He specializes in International Oil and Gas Law and Latin American issues with a particular focus on Venezuela. Cardenas-Garcia is fluent in English, Spanish and French.


  • Emran El-Badawi


    Associate professor and program director of Middle Eastern Studies: Emran El-Badawi is available to discuss Islam, ISIS, Middle East politics and history, and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. His research areas include Arab intellectual history, early Islamic history and Qur’anic studies.
  • Art Conklin


    Art Conklin has expertise in security for critical infrastructure, with previous work involving water, utilities and oil and gas delivery. He is the director of the Center for Information Security Research and Education and the author of six books associated with information security. 

  • Seth Chandler


    Seth Chandler, Foundation Professor of Law, specializes in insurance law and related fields such as health law, economic analysis of law and contract drafting. Chandler has been interviewed frequently about the changing abortion laws.

  • Kathryn Richdale


    Kathryn Richdale is an associate professor and optometrist at the University Eye Institute. Richdale is an expert in using special treatments for myopia management in children, which slows down the progression of nearsightedness to improve their overall eye health.
  • Maria Burns


    Maria Burns, professor and director of the Logistics & Transportation Policy Program, can address a wide range of topics including trade agreements and security, homeland security and human trafficking, technology leadership and corporate change management.

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