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April 25, 2007

Staff Reports


As you consider stories on food contamination and the federal government's attempts to protect public health, please consider these programs and experts from the University of Houston:

The University of Houston Law Center's Health Law and Policy Institute has insights on the legal diminsions of this issue. Among the courses taught at the institute is Food and Drug Law, which deals with the federal government’s attempts to protect the public health and individual welfare in the development and marketing of foods, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. The course focuses on the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, with particular emphasis on the regulation of drugs, nutritional supplements and medical devices.

Law Professor Richard Alderman, director of the Center for Consumer Law who is known by the moniker "The People's Lawyer" for his efforts to educate the public on the law, can respond to inquiries about consumer law. He can be reached at 713-743-2227 or

Nancy Graves, in the College of Hotel and Restaurant Managment, is a registered dietician and an associate professor. Her expertise covers food service preparation and nutrition. Reach Professor Graves at 713-743-2426 or

Julianna Szilagyi, a professor in the College of Pharmacy, has expertise in naturally occurring toxins (mushrooms, insects, etc.), household toxins and pesticides. She can be reached at 713-743-1259 or

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