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Education Transformation

The Humana Institute is transforming health care professions education in multiple sectors.
  • Early on in their training, medical students at the University of Houston College of Medicine are exposed to health systems, population health, social determinants of health. Because of this unique academic-industry partnership, students learn how physicians and payers work together to address social needs.
  • Nurses are integral to an evolving healthcare system. As the health care system expands, more nurses will be required. The Humana Institute leverages its academic-industry partnership to provide real-world experiences for nursing students. Student experiences span interprofessional primary care delivery, nurse managed care and telehealth. This engagement emphasizes interprofessional training and primary care delivery.
  • Through the Humana Institute’s academic-industry projects, students at the College of Optometry participate in the use of teleretinal imaging to enhance screening for diabetic retinopathy
  • In addition, the Institute works with the College of Pharmacy to support the integration of pharmacists into primary care practices