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Trademark Registration Process

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are used in commerce to denote the source of goods and services. National and International authorities grant trademarks designating exclusive use of the trademarked words or designs in specified classifications of goods and services. The University of Houston has registered its trademarks with the United States Patents & Trademarks Office (USPTO) in multiple classes, including education and entertainment services, apparel, sporting goods, housewares, and all types of promotional merchandise.

Registration of University of Houston Trademarks

Registration of a trademark takes time and incurs significant expense. University of Houston organizations considering registration of trademarks should consult the Brand Management, Licensing and Trademarks Department to evaluate the viability of a trademark for registration and determine the supporting business case. Please contact Patrick Mulligan, Director, Brand Management, Licensing and Trademarks at pjmullig@central.UH.EDU to initiate this process.

Once the viability of a trademark and the need for registration have been established, the Brand Managment, Licensing and Trademarks Department will work with your group’s business unit and the University’s Office of General Counsel to oversee execution of the trademark registration process from filing to completion.