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Malayalee Students Organization

University of Houston – Central Campus


Constitution Article 1- Name

The name of this registered student organization is Malayalee Students Organization at the University of Houston (Central Campus), and shall be referred to in this Constitution by its abbreviation, MSO.

Article 2 – Purpose

a) The purpose of the Malayalee Students Organization is to promote and provide a platform to increase awareness at the University of Houston for all students, faculty, staff, and others interested in Malayalee culture.

b) To create and foster an environment of respect and well being whereby we can share Malayalee culture, customs, festivals, and other events with others through cultural, social, and other pertinent issues which concern Malayalee students at UH.

c) MSO does not affiliate itself with any particular political entity, or sect/branch of any religion. MSO promotes tolerance and an open-minded environment.

Article 3 – Affiliation

MSO may collaborate with any other organization on campus or off-campus as long as they do not conflict with the purpose statements in Article 2.

Article 4 – Membership

Section 1. Eligibility

a) Eligibility for membership into MSO is open to all registered University of Houston students, faculty, and staff who support and are willing to participate in the aforementioned purpose statements in Article 2.

b) MSO does not discriminate based on the race, sex, gender, national origin, religious beliefs, political ideology, or social and economic conditions.

Section 2. Membership

a) Membership is extended to those individuals who play an active role during the semester in the duties and privileges mentioned in Article 4, Section 3. Membership dues may be prescribed by the MSO and may become a requirement to be a qualified member of MSO.

b) MSO reserves the right to deny entry to certain/any individuals into MSO events if it is deemed said individuals may compromise the purpose, peace, or security of these events.

Section 3. Duties and Privileges of Members

a) Members agree to uphold the purpose and objectives of the MSO.

b) Member attendance and level of participation may be determined by a point or other system.

c)  It shall be the duty of members to attend MSO events and meetings of committees which they are involved.

d) Members have the right to question the actions and decisions made by the Officers. In addition to verbally, questions will be submitted in writing and turned in to the Officers for further review.

e) Active Members may run for any elected official position.

f) Expulsion from MSO may be exercised as determined by the pretext found in Article 4, Section, 4.

Section 4. Expulsion

a) A member is liable for expulsion if it is found that the member is involved in verbal/physical abuse, acts of violence, or other maladies, targeted against India and any of its religions, culture, or traditions, other groups, cultures or locales, the Malayalee Students Organization, or any other University of Houston student group, as determined by the Core Officers of MSO.

b) The Core Officers may revoke membership if it is determined that the member is hindering MSO’s present or future progress, or is exhibiting behavior that the Core Officers deem to be neglectful or irresponsible in form. Revoking of membership involves suspension and/or expulsion from MSO as well as removal from the MSO mailing list and/or pages, as determined by the Core Officers. Revoked or suspended members will not be allowed to attend MSO events or meetings.

Article 5 – Officers

Section 1. Core Officers

The MSO shall have four mandatory officers, which shall be the Core Officers. Duties assigned to the Core Officers shall be can be shared with any member of the Core Officers, working as a singular unit to maintain the integrity, balance of power, and order within MSO as a whole.

a) President

b) Vice-President

c) Secretary

d) Treasurer

Section 2. Committee Directors

a) The core officers will create committees, and shall elect a Director to head the Committee. New positions may be created, and filled by the members of the core officer board, as and when the need arises.

b) Each Committee shall be responsible for different activities of the organization, and the core officer board will decide the individual responsibilities. The Director of each committee shall be responsible for forming new posts and electing members for his/her Sub-committee, as need dictates.

c)  The core officer board holds the power to dissolve any Committee, or to impeach the members of a committee, including the Director, on receiving a written petition signed by a minimum of 15 eligible members of the organization.

Section 3. Advisor

a) An officer which has finished dutiful service to the MSO may continue to be an external advisor to the MSO, upon a 2/3 vote of the Core Officers.

b) Criteria to be an advisor:

Must not have been removed or elected out of office.

Must have stepped down or completed one full term of office.

May be appointed by the president, and voted in based on a 2/3 Core Officers vote.

Section 4. Duties of President

a) Act as the official representative of the MSO, and exercise due care that his/her attitude is fair and impartial at all times.

b) Plan an agenda for and preside over Officer meetings,General Body meetings, and other meetings. The president may delegate this duty to the Vice-President(s) when necessary.

c) Serve as a liaison between MSO, University of Houston, and other organizations on/off campus.

d) Make necessary arrangements and paper work to keep the organization on active status.

e) Meet with activities funding board when needed.

f) Attend mandatory orientation of campus activities when needed.

g) Facilitate the yearly agenda for the MSO.

h) Maintain inter-personal relations between Officers.

i) Delegate authority wherever/whenever deemed necessary.

j) Shall be the final say in situations where no decision can be made through vote or any other manner determined by the Core Officers.

Section 5. Duties of the Vice President

a) Assists the president and assumes all the duties of the president in his/her absence.

b) Reserves spaces for all MSO events and makes arrangements for special media or other equipment.

c) Be responsible for arranging speakers or programs, as seen fit by the  Officer Board,       for all MSO General Meetings.

d) Assists the president in maintaining MSO’s yearly agenda.

e) Attend mandatory orientation of campus activities when needed.

Section 6.  Duties of the Secretary

a) Maintains the email, list serve, or any other communication related features associated with MSO.

b) Maintains meeting minutes for each Officer and General Body Meetings.

c) Communicates information to the Committee Directors when the president or vice-president cannot do so.

d) Helps maintain communication with all Officers.

e) Attend mandatory orientation of campus activities when needed.

Section 8. Duties of the Treasurer

a) Authorizes spending of MSO money. No reimbursements will be made unless approved by the treasurer.

b) Maintains an accurate and complete record of all financial transactions. There must be a written account of the funds and transactions.

c) Deposits money received from activities, events, sponsors, and membership dues.

d) Prepares and presents the budget.

e) Insures compliance with all student government regulations, bylaws, and handbooks.

f) Attend mandatory orientation of campus activities when needed.

Section 10. Charter of Duties

All duties of specific officers (Specific Committee Directors) shall be written in Charter of Duties. This will be to organize and state the specific responsibilities of each officer position, excluding the Core Officers, whose duties are mentioned in this constitution. The charter will contain the duties and responsibilities of positions the Core Officers decides to or will decide to create in the future based such need.

Article 6 – Officer

Section 1. Officer Attendance

a) Any Officer who cannot make it to any of the Fundraising, Social, or other events must notify the president and have a valid reason for not being able to attend the event.

Section 2. Officer conduct.

a) Officers must follow the duties and responsibilities assigned to him/her.

b) Officers must abide by the methods and procedures stated in this Constitution.

c) He/she must always promote a peaceful environment reflecting the purpose and goals of MSO.

d) Disputes or arguments on decisions must be resolved within Officers only and not forwarded to the General Body. The MSO emails, list serves, pages, and other public communication devices are not to be misused for internal conflicts.

e) Officers must not misuse the name of MSO for personal gain.

Section 3. Removal of office

a) Any Officer may be placed on probation if he/she does not follow the responsibilities and conduct outlined in this Constitution. Probations and pardons can only be carried out by the President. If probation is determined, it will be no longer than one semester or the duration of one semester of MSO activities at the University of Houston.

b) During probation, the Officer will be relieved of his/her position and all responsibilities.

c) A temporary Officer will be selected from the General Body and the criteria for selecting this Officer will be made following the procedures in [Article 9, Section 1 and 2 ].

d)  Temporary Officers will be relieved of their duty and treated as a new candidate once the probation period has ended for whom the temporary Officer has filled in for.

e) Once the probation period has ended there will be review by all the Core Officers and Officer will be treated as a new candidate amongst any other new candidate and the criteria used to review the Officer(s) coming back from probation are listed in Article 7, Section 2b.

Article 7 - Chain of Command

In the event that any Officer is not present to perform his or her duties, the next in command can temporarily fulfill the duties assigned to that Officer. The Core Officers and the Committee Directors shall collectively be known as the General Board. These duties may be delegated to more than one officer. Chain of command is as follows:

Section 1. Core Chain of Command

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Treasurer

4. Secretary

5. Committee Directors

6. General Body Member

Section 2. General Chain of Command

At the beginning of the semester the Core Officers will determine Chain in Command of both Committee Directors and General Body Members by either of the following criteria:


b) If seniority cannot decide the chain of command, the Core Officers will decide the chain of command of both the General Board Members and the General Body Members following criteria similar to Article [Article 7 Section 1 ]

c) In the event no General Board Member is able to perform his/her duties at the time, a General Body Member, based on seniority, predetermined by the General Board at the beginning of the semester will be assigned chain of command.

In the event no General Body Member is able to perform his/her duties at the time, MSO will be inactive for that current semester.

Article 8 – Conditions of Office

Section 1. Terms of Office

a) Appointments for all Officer positions are determined by Article [Article 9]

b) All Core Officers and Committee Directors may serve in office for a maximum length of two terms. A term shall consist of two semesters.

Section 2. Removal of General Board Members

Any time a General Board Member does not perform his/her duties:

a) There can be a recommendation by the remaining Officers to remove this member, to the MSO Advisor.

b) After review and investigation, the Advisor may advise for or against removal.

c) With this advice in mind, the Officers may then vote. The Advisor will remain present to witness and over see this vote.

d) Any active General Body Member may file impeachment charges against an Officer of the General Board. In order to do so, the member must fill out a written statement of the charges signed by at least one third of the active members of the organization. Also, notification of the charges of the Officer in question must be given to the Officer within three working days of the submission of charges. The General Board will then be summoned in a special meeting and the impeachment charges will be discussed. In order for the Officer to be removed from his/her post, a vote of 2/3 of the General Board is necessary. The remaining General Board Members will then decide upon new dates for nominations and elections to fill the vacant post.

Section 3. Removal of Committee Directors

Anytime a Committee Chair does not perform his/her duties:

a) There can be a recommendation by any Officer to remove this member. This can be made anonymously to the President. The President will then address the remaining Officers about this matter.

b) It will then be put to a vote of the remaining Officers and removal can be enforced with a 2/3 vote of the General body members present .

Section 4. End of Semester Evaluations

At the end of every semester, there will be a mandatory evaluation of all Officers. The procedure is as follows:

The President shall create a ballot in which all General Board Member names will be written.

This shall be passed on to every Officer by which he/she will vote whether or not to evaluate any General Board Member.

This shall be then taken up by the President and checked to see if any Officers feel their peers need to be evaluated.

If any General Board Member has at least one vote in favor of evaluation, then he/she will address the Officers and state what they have done for MSO and why they feel their peers wanted them evaluated.

Then it shall be put to a vote whether or not to keep the Officer. Removal of the Officer from his full one year term requires a 2/3 vote by the remaining General Board Members.

This procedure may be altered or amended at the discretion of the Core Officers.

Section 5. Resignations

a) Any Officer who wishes to resign must submit a written resignation to the President at least two weeks prior to the effective date of resignation.

b) The Officers will select an interim replacement by simple majority vote to serve until a permanent replacement can be found.

c) In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Officers Board will determine a course of action.

Section 6. Replacement of Officers Board.

a) If any Officers are not able to continue on with their duties, then new Officers will be selected form the General Body following the procedures in Article 9.

b) If Article 9 is not applicable then Article 7 will be used to establish Chain of Command.

c) If the Chain of Command cannot be used, that position will be inactive for that particular semester.

d) If all members and officer positions are vacant, then the Malayalee Students Organization at the University of Houston – Central Campus will be inactive for that particular semester.

Article 9 – Appointments and Vacancies

Appointments will be conducted according to Article 8, Section 6a. If this article is not applicable then the appointment will be given according to Article 7.

Section 1. Core Officer Vacancies

a) Core Officers will assume office from within the Committee Directors. If there is an unexpected vacancy in the Core Officers, then the remaining Core Officers will select a replacement or someone within the General Board Members based on seniority as mentioned in Article 7. The Core Officers may also shift someone over to that position from within the Core Officers.

b) When any of the Core Officers has finished a term, or is leaving office, only another Core Officer may run for the position. Then all the Officers and General Body Members will vote on the candidates.

c) If any Officer who is challenging an incumbent for a position loses, then he/she may return to his/her old position or choose to leave completely.

d) No General Board Member may run for more than one position at any given election.

Section 2. Committee Director Vacancies

Vacancies can be filled in any of the following ways:

a) Application process in which the interested party must submit a written application to one of the Core Officers

1. The applicant will be reviewed by the Core Officers. The criteria is as follows:

Must have been an active General Body Member for at least one semester.

Previous verifiable leadership in an organization.

Number of meetings attended.

Dues or other financial matters.

Helped and attended a sizeable number of events.

Point system requirements, if they are in place.

Knowledge of school processes associated with Campus Activities, advising, etc.

Any other criteria or modifications to the current criteria may be made by the Core Officers.

After approval of the application, the appointment will be put to a majority vote among the General Board.

b) A General Board Member may recommend an active General Body Member for a position. Then the petition will be put through Article 9, Section 2.1.

c) Voting Process in which General Board Members shall put the position up to vote.

1. This method will only be used when the Officers cannot or choose not to follow the prior two methods and wish for the active General Body Members to recommend a General Body Member for a position described by the Voting Process.

2. One person can only fill one position.

3. A person may only run for one position at a time.

4. The Core Officers can overturn the majority vote decision if, a majority of the Core Officers wishes to vote on it. The Core Officers may choose not to follow the recommendation of the active General Body Members if 2/3 of the Core Officers decides that the recommended person is not appropriate for that position.

Article 10 – Meetings

a) Regular meetings of the Officers shall be held at least once every week, or as frequently as deemed necessary by the Core Officers.

b) An Officer with the approval of the President may call special meetings at any time.

The Officers shall determine General Body Meeting times and frequency.

Article 11 – Amendments to the MSO Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution may be made by members of MSO. Members may submit a written petition requesting for an amendment to the Constitution, which will be put to a vote in a General Body meeting. The details of the petition and the date of ballot must be announces at least one week in advance. The petition for the amendment will be passed on procuring a minimum of one-third majority of the members present for the General Body Meeting. The proposed amendment will subsequently be passed on procuring support from a minimum of two-thirds majority of the members present at the General Body Meeting. An electronic copy of the constitution should be available online.










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