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A Top Arts Destination

Public Art of the UH System is one of the most impressive collections in the nation


Message From The President

President Khator expounds upon the value of the arts at UH.

Welcome Home, Chris Pezman

A personal chat with the Cougar Alumnus, Athletics Director and Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Finding Direction

Navigating the path through college can be overwhelming. Houston GPS provides a road map for transfer students.

Making an Impact

Partners in Strength

UH’s Third Ward Initiative focuses on strengthening education, health, business development and the arts in the shared historic neighborhood.

The Battle to End an Epidemic

UH tackles HIV/AIDS in the South.

Catching a Breath

In a new effort to boost inexpensive preventive care for asthma and lessen expensive emergency care, UH Honors College professor and the Houston Health Department are exploring ways to intervene earlier with at-risk kids.

The Aroma of Success

Entrepreneurship is brewing in Houston.

Art on the Move

Aspiring architects at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design collaborated on a project with the world-renowned Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

If You Build It... Butterflies Will Come

UH students partner with Houston Wilderness to build monarch butterfly gardens.

The Power to Prove

UH alumnus Case Keenum’s inspirational journey through the NFL.

Campus Affairs

Living and Learning

Who has 5,600 students for neighbors? It’s the select community of faculty-in-residence at UH.

Down on the Farm

The UH Farmers Market was launched last fall by UH Dining Services and the Office of Sustainability.

The Spirits of Mexico

UH’s Spirits of Mexico class, a first of its kind in higher education, takes a comprehensive look at the business of agave spirits.

Here, We Grow

UH chefs use fresh produce grown on campus to create tasty new recipes.

Celebrity Sightings at UH

Houston-based rappers, a Supreme Court Justice and more could be found at UH this year.

Game Changer

How the “Game of the Century” changed the game and launched a legendary career.

Say What

A look at free speech at UH.

Saying Goodbye to Home

A rich history of life at the Quad, the oldest residence halls on campus.

Innovation & Insight

Preparing for the Future

UH and other Hispanic-Serving Institutions prepare for a future in which minorities are the majority.

Lower for Longer?

New research, along with new attitudes, is shaping the future of oil.

On The Faculty

In My Shoes

UH faculty study some of the key issues of the day. Here’s what they would like you to know.

Getting to Know Andrew Davis

Dean Andrew Davis sees the arts as going beyond acting, singing, playing an instrument, painting a picture or creating a sculpture.

last look

Last Look

In 2017, the Student Center celebrated its 50th anniversary. Alumni may remember it as the University Center, a name it retained until it underwent a major renovation. The UH student body took ownership of the project, providing feedback to campus leaders and approving a student fee increase for funds to aid the project’s completion. In recognition of this contribution, the building was renamed the Student Center when it re-opened in 2015. Current students and alumni alike can appreciate the new facility which is a reflection of the vital relationship between UH and the students that power its success.