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Radicle Idea Gets the Green Light

Students Embrace a New Cold-Pressed Juice Business That's Taking a "Radicle" Approach


Message From The President

President Khator reflects on the remarkable progress that’s been made in effort to elevate UH into a nationally competitive institution.

Antonio D. Tillis

Antonio Tillis had his sights set on becoming an international corporate lawyer but a chance encounter with a world-renowned Colombian writer charted a new course for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences dean.

Here, We Go

The University of Houston has launched the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its 90-year history, but we are no strangers to setting bold expectations and taking bold actions. Our $1 billion dollar campaign was designed to propel us to the next level—fueling more student opportunities, building on our strengths and transforming our neighborhoods, our city, our state, our nation and the world.

Making an Impact

Empowering People

Entrepreneurs learn to build a sustainable economy in the City’s Third Ward.

Innovation Ahead

The University of Houston has expanded its pursuit of excellence with an eye towards making an impact in nearby neighborhoods.

Leadership From The Middle

Training community health workers at public housing.

"We Solve Problems"

For an 8-year-old born without a hand, UH innovation offers a solution.

Signs Of Success

UH program creates the first MOOC taught in American Sign Language.

The Digital Warrior

UH graduate student makes literary history as he discovers previously unknown works by American poet Walt Whitman.

A Wise Writer Once Said

Honors College program empowers youth through writing lessons.

Communicating Change, Transforming Lives:

Why one donor continues to give to UH.

A Major Opportunity for #HTOWNTAKEOVER

Tested by adversity, Coach Applewhite brings passion to succeed.

Campus Affairs

Transforming The Landscape

More than $1 billion spent on construction projects.


A Pathway From the UH Energy Research Park to Campus.

Celebrity Sightings at UH

From politicians to professional athletes to prominent chefs, the University of Houston welcomes notable people from around the world.

Learning & Leading

Honors For Honors

The UH Honors College Gets a Top 10 ranking.

Football, Food, & Philanthropy

Celebs, chefs & guests cook up positive change at the Taste of the NFL: Party with a Purpose.

Super Four

NCAA and NFL championships translate into hands-on learning.

On The Faculty

Jean Latting

Three years after teaching her last class and bidding farewell to her friends and colleagues across campus, Jean Latting is still championing social change, and UH continues to be a part of her life.

Achieving A Lifetime Of Health

UH professor discusses a new institute to address public health.

To Eat or Not to Eat?

That is the question a UH researcher answers about edible insects.

Last Look

On May 25, 1953, the first educational television station in the country signed on from the fifth floor of the Ezekiel Cullen tower at the University of Houston. KUHT-TV was born. It later became one of the founding stations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).