Here, we go—and our momentum cannot be ignored. Thanks to you, we are making history in our journey toward raising $1 billion for the University of Houston. In October 2017, we reached a huge milestone: we are more than three-quarters of the way to our goal!

In this incredibly exciting time of innovation, expansion and growth, we are proud that so many alumni and friends have recognized our University’s significance, not only at home in Houston, but nationwide and around the world.

You make the University and our life-changing initiatives go. Your pride in Houston’s university is essential to our advancement—and the future of all students and alumni.

Here, we go forward, further, faster—together.

Philanthropy Matters For Faculty And Students

Joan Suit, Ph.D. and Herman Suit (’48), Ph.D. receiving the President’s Medallion from President Renu Khator in 2013.
Joan Suit, Ph.D. and Herman Suit (’48), Ph.D. receiving the President’s Medallion from President Renu Khator in 2013.

Philanthropy Fuels Innovation In Houston and Beyond

Herman Suit (’48), M.D., Ph.D., and his wife, Joan Suit, Ph.D., both have made far-reaching contributions to their fields—he in radiation oncology and she in microbiology. Even though they no longer live in Houston, they continue to champion the University of Houston’s students, professors and innovative research.

The couple even received the President’s Medallion in 2013—the highest honor awarded to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the University. “[It was] indeed a tremendous and deeply appreciated honor to be the recipients of this medallion from the UH President. My time as an undergraduate was definitely a happy experience and had a positive impact on my life and career,” said Herman.

Their gifts include establishing the Eby Nell McElrath Fellowship in Chemistry, named for Herman Suit’s former organic chemistry professor at the University who had a tremendous influence on his education.

The Suits’ commitment continues to fuel the momentum of the “Here, We Go” Campaign and will make a difference for generations to come. Their thoughtfully considered, planned gift creates a legacy that allows new generations of scientists to make groundbreaking discoveries and study innovative techniques. When students and professors succeed in Houston, their hard work makes waves far beyond our city—and donors and alumni like Herman and Joan Suit are leading the way.

“I believe that every person should have a quality education and be encouraged to continue in post-graduate life to pursue scientific knowledge. The University of Houston is making an expanding effort toward these goals, and we are pleased to be able to participate in that effort.” —Joan Suit, Ph.D.

William Brookshire (’57), Ph.D. 1935-2017
William Brookshire (’57), Ph.D.

A Lasting Legacy of Transforming Lives through Scholarships

The late William A. Brookshire (’57), Ph.D., gifted the University of Houston with a legacy of generosity and professional expertise. “Dr. Brookshire was a fine gentleman and one of our great philanthropists, always in search of new ways to help students and professors,” said Joseph Tedesco, Elizabeth D. Rockwell Dean of the Cullen College of Engineering. “We will forever feel his generosity and his loss in equal measures.”

Brookshire was the first in his family to earn a high school diploma and worked full time while attending night classes at UH. Now, his philanthropic contributions continue to aid students in similar situations. But don’t take our word for it: read letters written by UH engineering students who have benefited from his generosity through scholarships.

Dear Dr. Brookshire, After my wife and I were married, we decided I would go back to school to finish my education. It has been incredibly challenging balancing work and school. The scholarship has increased my motivation to persevere in school and work to the best of my abilities. Thank you for everything you have done for us …

Dear Dr. Brookshire, I am a first-generation college student at the University of Houston pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. I have managed to make ends meet by working while taking classes. I was considering taking time off to earn some money to pay for my education, but then I was informed about this wonderful opportunity and everything changed. I was very blessed to receive this scholarship …

Philanthropy Matters For Professorships And Research

The University of Houston would not be the Tier One university it is today without our outstanding faculty. Endowed chairs and professorships bring these talented experts to UH.

Chairs and professorships provide vital, flexible funding so faculty members can concentrate on their research and teaching instead of funding proposals. But, more than that, the high honor of a named position brings an indelible level of prestige, sending a strong message to professional and academic communities.

Funding the Minds that Fuel our Acceleration
Funding the Minds that Fuel our Acceleration

These faculty members make UH a first-choice university for high-achieving students. Motivated individuals want to learn from the best. When chairs and professorships bring the best faculty to Houston, it sparks a chain reaction of excellence—from academic retention to a rise in four-year graduation rates and national rankings.

A supported team of faculty members is the foundation of everything we strive for at the University, from student success to groundbreaking discoveries. We take pride in spearheading programs in unique fields, like the work we’re doing in the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping and the Subsea Systems Institute.

But, centers like these do not run themselves. Through endowments and research support, we’re fueling the engine of this university—our teachers and scholars.

Brené Brown (M.S.W. ’96, Ph.D. ’02), Huffington Foundation Endowed Chair, Graduate College of Social Work

“Here’s the thing about Houston: if you’re willing to work hard, be fair and shoot straight, you’re welcome here,” she said at the launch of the “Here, We Go” Campaign. “I could never have had the career I have today if I had not been at the University of Houston.”

Jack M. Fletcher, Ph.D., Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair, Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

For the past 30 years, Fletcher, a board-certified child neuropsychologist, has worked on issues related to child neuropsychology, including studies of children with spina bifida, traumatic brain injury and other acquired disorders. “Learning disabilities are a major public health problem that affect the educational and social outcomes of children and adults,” said Fletcher.

Jeffrey Rimer, Ph.D., Ernest J. and Barbara M. Henley Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering

“The funds from the professorship help support existing projects and give me the freedom to explore new topics that otherwise would not be funded by other agencies,” says Rimer. “To this end, we have the ability to be creative.”

Philanthropy Matters To Alumni

Individuals have joined in excitedly. The Fertitta Center, named by Tilman Fertitta (’78), is home to the Cougar basketball teams. Newly-named academic endeavors are springing up all around campus, one of the newest being the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts.
Individuals have joined in excitedly. The Fertitta Center, named by Tilman Fertitta (’78), is home to the Cougar basketball teams. Newly-named academic endeavors are springing up all around campus, one of the newest being the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts.

The Name of the Giving Game

In 2014, TDECU made a transformational gift to name the University of Houston’s new state-of-the-art football stadium. But their partnership with the University didn’t stop there: student banking resources and other amenities can be found all around campus, which is now populated by more than 45,000 students. Corporate partnership is a burgeoning opportunity for both UH and businesses, and TDECU’s partnership has opened a new era of named facilities on campus.

For existing and future corporate partners, giving is the name of the game at the University of Houston, and a key part of the “Here, We Go” Campaign for $1 billion.

Alumni Corner: How Does Annual Giving Make a Difference?

Our loyal supporters fuel the momentum of the campaign with their generous annual support. Annual giving is extremely critical to a university’s overall national ranking as well. Yearly support shows that the degree you earned is valuable and appreciated.

The U.S. News & World Report’s metrics evaluate all universities on the strength of their annual giving. The amount of the gift isn’t the important part—it’s the participation factor, and the unwavering pride in your university. It shows a willingness to support UH’s future.

The “Here, We Go” Campaign is for everyone—not only current students and faculty. When you contribute to the Campaign through annual giving, no matter the amount of your gift, you are sending a strong message of confidence: every gift matters.

Here, we go for gold—and your annual gift keeps Houston’s university competitive on a national and global scale.

More than 94,200 contributors to the “Here, We Go” Campaign for $1 billion are first-time donors.

Join Us On The Road!

The “Here, We Go” Roadshow is the annual tour that takes UH and President Renu Khator on the road to increase awareness, provide updates and encourage support for UH in major markets outside of Houston. Following the public launch of UH’s “Here, We Go” Campaign, the Roadshow brings the University’s ambitious mission to audiences nationwide, spreading excitement for UH’s future.

Each year, the Roadshow travels to New York City, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Aspen to engage audiences through a program and interactive elements that foster meaningful networking, access to information and school pride.

We invite you to join us on our next visit in a city near you. It’s sure to be an experience you won’t want to miss!

Learn more about the “Here, We Go” Campaign and how to get involved by visiting,

“It’s great to feel a connection to [UH] despite being 1,500 miles away...There are many passionate and accomplished UH alumni out here who I’m grateful to know and look forward to seeing at future UH events.” – Lanny Sachnowitz (M.B.A. ’91)