Most of us get sweaty palms and palpitations at the thought of wrapping presents—especially during the holidays

But for Alton DuLaney, wrapping is truly an art—a special gift he’s able to share with audiences on dozens of local and national television talk shows and online.

Known as the “World’s Most Famous Gift Wrap Artist,” the self- proclaimed lifestyle expert goes through dozens of rolls of paper and miles of ribbon during the holiday season and gets a free lifetime supply of Scotch tape for being named the brand’s “Most Gifted Wrapper” in 2008.

His motto: “No exposed edges, always crisp corners and tight folds. And measure before you cut.”

Everything is art according to DuLaney.

When he’s not putting a bow on it, styling customers or decorating homes, the Splendora, Texas native is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms (IPEF) and teaching public art at the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts. He also guides campus art tours of the UH System public art collection and is an aspiring politician.

You can get a glimpse into DuLaney’s colorful world on the third floor of the Fine Arts Building—a mini-museum, where his unique art form is on display.

“Art can be used to express something lighthearted or very serious. I have a sense of humor about my work.”

Having lived in major arts hubs such as New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans, DuLaney believes there’s room for Houston to be a major player in the arts.

“It’s been fascinating to see how the art scene has blossomed and to see a nurturing community for artists here.”