Enrolling in college is the start of a new chapter in one’s life. Some students step onto a college campus having traveled across the globe alone, while others embark on the new journey with friends. Either way, the journey is set. The University of Houston Cub Camp is an extended orientation program that helps incoming freshmen bond with their peers, build friendships and learn how to create a successful life at UH.

Moving into its second year, the three-day camp begins at the Trinity Pines Conference Center on Lake Livingston, an off-campus retreat site where students focus on core values necessary to flourish in college—spirit, tradition, growth and unity. Students are divided into camps where each is named after an alum, faculty or staff member that has impacted the University and its development. As a whole, students have the chance to participate in an array of large team building activities, socialize at a mixer and end the days with events such as traditional skits performed by camp participants and bonding by campfire.

The camp complements New Student Orientation, because it allows students to participate in the first of many UH traditions. With almost 95 percent of the participants returning for the spring semester, earning higher overall GPAs and completing more credit hours than those who opted not to participate in the program, the camp’s ability to encourage and support students in their academic and personal development is proven.

“My Cub Camp experience helped me with many life-long struggles: making genuine connections and friendships, knowing what to expect in future pursuits and how to have a balanced lifestyle overall.” one recent participant said.